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(CMG) Glockamoley ft Lil Danny – Spill “spill music” [Music Video] (4K) | KrownMedia

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i watch this watch this watch this come on bro i member the chatter for camera crew cool cool man cool man smash this environment coleman man brought channel 4 can recruitment [Music] [Music] – the feds government Harris spilling thanks rose [Music] set it on fire that minute more of a sponge you can still get tips ain’t getting no pass this ain’t no pitch me Lord I’m spittin city 5/8 in garden replied you boy best pray for a stick me and be like you know main road street absolutely film that fit and I make sure K King knows if I get Nathan I’ve been your crib we watched a few films we did the best business I’m inside the fish me Cody I’m flash try got mine and try try the got mankind in traffic back cuz I’m by my test I’m a mommy and boy made mommy Dinky up in that youth from a union we can go to tow who may hide that dog so back when the park had no and I told this Nico sweet GP he’s been swapping in nerd next time I go out that watch just meeting it that just pushing set it on hang with them anymore by chance to get bullets oh I see free get targets ain’t give enough forces the got cameras on mullets set this Oksana London I said you a sort of that room I’m find that courage if you doing it do it proper me Oh Iyengar car talking bang some whoppers I’ve been looking at beats of shutters I don’t give a damn if I got no mescal still going thinking flying [ __ ] like 9/11 but put with fists invest in a weapon they will mentor a stretching in Oklahoma talked and broke up say asking questions ever see you in the flesh you gonna blame you on your bridges friend new news isn’t getting it then I was a reflection then cause I look up push fight call room doors yeah yeah me up boy enclose from the hill to the west be good it’ll be was ever so cats but I swang that chain in the window boss I got can do you can get caught we got spots i’ma go move drugs if they got chain best keep it took no men sting just shoot me can long meet the one and stop or get a man down for the band or Kwan’s came through with a hammer that you dear in love wit Paso so come kitty that’s lamp oh don’t need a girl to bring things in at no don’t need a girl to bring things in ignore me Coltrane beers track man with man is trespassing premises fly yeah imma go right there I agree let anyone dilemma where nobody’s all cops their diplomat ordering a bottle of lapping back for next you let me get this man time I offer food and cash whatever I pray my [ __ ] were in a rock steady don’t bang for them anymore best ones you can still get tears ain’t givin no path this ain’t no pitch me Lord spinning city 5:15 Carter replied you boy best pray for a stick me and Doc you know main road straight absolutely film that fit and I make sure KK knows if I get Nathan I’ve been your crib we watched a few films we did a bed been some aside to fish [Music] they’ve really brought a camera – I love that what’s that road was what’s that road was rude was yeah joke man sees my [Music] you

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