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2019 Nottingham Sneinton City Centre Video clips pictures #vlog #filipo #notts



Sometimes The Road looks like too much trouble…but we must go forward!

Nottingham street Vlog #vlogs #notts life people #filipo

The picture above was taken in sneinton, colwick road, one of the side streets.

It is Valentines! , February 14th 2019 Nottingham

Today as I am writing this now, at 3pm , I have already been into town, took some shots, (my first ever time even using a camera btw) , borrowed a nice Canon Eos T2i Rebel from ‘B-Nice’ ,from The Lateshift, Thanks!! And my usual #vlog camera is an Apeman a80 4k excellent footage for the price.. if you are interested. Not real 4k, interpolated, but the 2k is crisp and accurate, quick , and responsive to light changes. It does have different angle settings and light , etc I will be learning more on that later.

Anyway, Today my objectives,were primarily to do a test-run for walking round, getting a feel for the camera equipment , weight etc. The photography side itself will be a subject I will be studying a little, just for the basics.

I started out in Sneinton. Colwick road , took a few shots of a back street.

Sneinton nottingham streets filipo vlog vlogs #notts
Sneinton nottingham streets filipo vlog vlogs #notts

I’ve never done any photography, but simply capturing a moment, even with my 5 minute youtube tutorial knowledge, it is more about capturing life. And for me, there is a strange wonder, mystery behind a photo.

What happened next?

#nffc #notts Forest Scafolding Nottingham’s Proudest and Professional.

I noticed the quality and OCD like perfection of this scaffolding crew’s work.. then I noticed there logo!! What can I Say? that is <-exactly ->

what my blog is for.. Nottingham People.. so anyone can witness the superb examples of Nottingham’s Passion Pride and it’s People.

I know I might sound a little dramatic.. but I genuinely do have a desire to show the world, or whoever wants to see.. OUR CITY..!

WARNING!! == I am a complete n00b at photography, I did take some bungled shots of the crew.. but seeing as it’s quite funny, I imagine; for the ‘REAL local Nottingham Photographers’, to chuckle at my terrible ignorance.. I will show them to you…but of course .. I will take each step at a time. In time…Improve upon.

Here ya go.. I have no shame.

Sneinton nottingham streets filipo vlog vlogs #notts
Sneinton nottingham streets filipo vlog vlogs #notts

I hope to see them working again, for my next day out.

I continued … knowing I’d done some rubbish shots.
I walked away , I decided at this moment ,that..being unable to do what I would like…with a camera… wouldn’t occur again.

The blog and vlog are for now ! It was funny though.. what I looked like, I looked like, I took a good shot…but I didn’t… I looked liked I was a competent photographer.. but I am not!, So apologies to them, the world and the universe of photography…hmmm so.. I then began to accept , not interacting with anyone, until , I actually have a clue what to do next. Here’s the cringey video I did after..enjoy…

Here is me .. very nervous but im trying..

Some Shots I took on route to town Nottingham Sneinton. #vlogs

[foogallery id=”1281″]

From here I decided to get the little cam out …

Nottingham street vlogs vlogger filipo

Not even realizing it was valentines day today, I was in my own world as usual and either way I had a wander round , got hustled by an old man, check the video below , he was only after some help, bought him some food as a kind gesture, yet, I… obviously don’t eat very well myself most days. (donate bottom of this page, if you like what you see, gratzie )

Here is the footage, I only got him a double cheeseburger. Got myself the same, with a drink.. starving… just coffee in me so far bout 1 o clock I think it was ,I was unsure and quite nervous and paranoid.. but if I sound a bit off, I’m gonna work on my clarity of speech, its and vernacular.

#filipo Nottingham city centre vlogs #vlog vlogger

I then proceeded to take a few shots , thank you so much to all those who helped me out, with their presence to take photo’s… here is the gallery!

[foogallery id=”1290″]

I met some friendly People outside the shop at fortytwo .. we spoke about some up and coming Nottingham Secret Projects and Social Scheme’s .. more on that in the future.. skateboarding Nottingham is, was and always will be a cool side of the city to experience.

I will leave it here for today!! Subscribe on my youtube channel.. and of course .. leave a comment .. Login with facebook to , or send me a message for suggestions, tips ,advice or collaborations.

Behind the scenes? luckily these merciful photographers were really sincere and genuinely gave me some great tips off cam.
Thanks again!
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