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Oh [Music] hey guys and welcome back to another matchday vlog today not so a way to M Slee in the first round of the FA Cup things have changed since we played actually in the least they were Boston the league’s now they’re twenty seconds not to a 74 now were eight obviously have also changed their manager recently Kevin Watson has replaced Gary Hill and they’ve been on a good run of form as well on Thursday not signed central defender Alex lacy previously of gelling good I think we’ve gone out in in the first round I think we’ve gone out in the first round informed off six seasons here let’s try and change it up please knots four knots let’s do this

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yeah this is well this is the team news is out one change from the team that started against Hartlepool we can beauty replaces Shawn shields in the starting lineup and that’s because Shawn shields is ineligible to play as

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obviously he’s on loan from ever sleep and also that we can beauty of reason has been our best player [Music] Hey [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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great over God do anything about those fantastical a lot more than we do 23 minutes in one that ever sleep yeah we’ve not been great so far we’ve got a few set pieces that have come to nothing waste Tomislav I only proper with proper good chance of the game a bicycle kick that was comfortably saved by the a keeper I didn’t come after the league game when it’s sunny I’ve come for the FA Cup game and it’s miserable [Laughter] [Applause]

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autonomously what’s wrong obviously the better team for the first 15 or so minutes lots of go into the game as the hopf Scott on have been better with the ball as as the games gone on as well looks very shaky just past the hour mark not so taken the lead played the board skywalk sony was screwed and he puts in the bottom corner as well just had a

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great chance to make it fully 1 it was just wide we are playing some great football yourself and sweet with some good pressure two or three times that came close regarding our look witnessed by native person to the public psychic is 1000 is my away David Michael

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joy on the wing Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause]

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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] finally back from Oaks Lee the full-time scorer obsolete to not free a fantastic away day one of the best I’ve been on topped off with a 93rd minute winner by

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Ben turn the ball in from regan beauty I think it’s Nathan Tyson who got a flick on and Ben Turner was there at the back post to head it in it went over the line free to just what I weighed a fantastic day overall and just to top it off not so in the second round draw em sleep with a better team for the first 15 to 20 minutes no just paint with a brilliant goal from way outside the area it’s just one of them goals where you’ve just got applauded it about how good it is we go into the game knows the half went on we started to do the finger stuff but we got out that we’ve done well this season rugby we’ve kept possession we kept possession well we moved up the pitch through two thirds regard equality with well from a corner a low cross into the box Kyle Wharton got there controversy about whether it went over the line or not the ref of Milano said it did one one second off

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West Thomas with a brilliant turn turns the absolute defender plays in car water good finish to one looks like it’s all set for a way to go through the second round late on though absolutely get a penalty for handball believe it was to all go see all grew converts from the spot but we don’t be over and late on with a minute to go Regan busy with the corner like I say flicked on believe it was by Tyson Ben Turner at the back post free to scenes in the away and what a day what a brilliant cook tires are all very entertaining end to end cooked side and that is what you want but the draw first came out I was a bit on the wound FA Cup ties we’re two teams from the same division face each other you feel you do feel quite on the wound by it but today it was a fantastic game it delivered it delivered the magic of the FA Cup did we play well we were a lot better from around the

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20th minute onwards we kept possession better we start to move through the fur as well we were picking good passes do some good in the second half especially there was some brilliant football played by knots we’ve stepped we stepped up our passing a bit from the first off some good moves a fortnight Rose had a good game he had a lot better of a game then he did against Hartlepool Enzio was good Kyle Watson police on that guy up what a guy good finisher as well reek of beauty just he’s just glass he’s just an absolute class player to have played a great finish to the game let’s see who we get in the second round of the draw if you’ve enjoyed the vlog give it a like count down with your thoughts on the game stay subscribed subscribe subscribe if you know sending you questions as well for the next vlog and comment down below who you want in the FA Cup second round be safe be champions as always solution

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