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nottingham forest hopes 2020 season #nffc

hello everybody my name is benjamin bloom this is the benjamin bloom football show and if you’ve come out from behind your sofas now nottingham forest fans um in the latest of my season retrospectives we’re gonna have a look at as it says down there nottingham forests crazy collapse what went wrong um hopefully if you’re familiar with the channel you will know that this will in no way be any kind of football bantery hit piece on nottingham forest that is not the aim of the channel i come from a position of respect for a great club um you know with one of my absolute football heroes at the center of it so please understand um as ever with these videos that i come from a position of respect and of course i am an outsider talking about forest if you’re a forest fan you will know far more about this than i do so please get your input in the comments um some football supporters get a bit emotional when a a non-fan of their team talks about their team hopefully um you’ll be able to cope if you’re a forest fan and we can get a good debate going on what it is that actually went wrong at the end of this season um just for some context here is forest’s championship run um that now spans some one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve seasons including this one um two top six finishes there under billy davis and um the playoffs not friendly to nottingham forest but since then look 19th then in eighth 11th 14th 16th 21st the worst one down there would that have been under philippe montagne if i can remember 17th and then elite up to ninth last season with karanka and then martin o’neill so in terms of um forest general championship position we’ll bring it up one more time certainly in the last um you know seven or eight of those seasons um nothing higher than eighth and generally uh the average would be i’m guessing here around 14th 15th there so that’s where forrest have been recently obviously we know it is a great club that has won uh the two european cups and the league championship um so expectations and maybe that ghost of brian clough um still there and as you’d imagine um in uh trying to replicate what mr clough did they’ve gone through a hell of a lot of managers as i said billy davis to play off um defeats there around the um start of the decade and then uh look mclaren cotterell mccleesh davis comes back stuart pierce club hero former player doogie friedman paul williams for a couple of months montagne then warburgs and then we start getting the seemingly annual january sackings karanka martin o’neill another hero coming back from the club era it didn’t work so here comes sabri lamucci on the 28th of june this year forest the point frenchman 18 minutes after second martin o’neill well um maybe um a little bit of a cantankerous headline there from our friends at the bbc but lemuchi comes in um has managed the ivory coast and ren in france forests 13th full-time boss in just over eight years um i didn’t really know um much about lemuchi when he arrived i know he used to sign him on championship manager in 98 and he was very good but i didn’t know what sort of a manager he was um here is his summer recruitment and um it’s very good actually uh when you consider what his team is going to end up being i would draw your attention here i’m reading from the bottom up thiago silva yuri ribeiro they’re both undisclosed so i can tell you what the fees are sami ami obi samba sal bryce samba in there so he doesn’t spend a fortune not compared to the previous summer in karanka and jal carvalho in for 13 million and lewis grabham um as well but he actually um does bring in the bedrock of what his first team is going to be and frankly the tools are all there at the start of the season for what lemuchi is going to use as i just said um in terms of his summer recruitment um into the team and they’re going to stay there come samba ribero sal silva and amiobi he’s going to do a great job converting mati cash into the right full back spot figuerado is already there warrell is the kind of flag bearer for uh you know young players coming through um ben watson is going to be um really sort of cleverly retooled and um sort of resuscitated really because um i didn’t think he would be used at 35 and then the quality lolly and grabbing already there and already proven and what a start look at it there okay defeat in the first game it eventually promoted um west brom at home but uh from then on out very very impressive stuff and we start to see the style of this lemuchi team and you can see there two points per game from the first 11 only one defeat only nine goals conceded not too many scored but um you know in comparison with some other teams there in the top half and looking very very good and a very very decent start we we learned immediately this sort of four one four one or four two three one if sao is um not around it’s very stable quite pragmatic um you’re not going to see um many people bombing forward often the attacking thrust comes down the sides from the full backs trying to uh support but um very successful um the first slip happens there at wigan and we’ll just uh jump in there because uh limoushi admits he gets that one wrong uh makes five changes maybe i was wrong with the changes but i trust in everyone i have a lot of confidence um when you play two games at home you need to be fresh we have three in six days so we don’t have a lot of options with graven it was clear um the reason i throw that up is um if we fast forward to the end of this video i’m gonna posit a theory um about a lack of strength outside of what was working as the first 11. maybe that’s the first evidence there where he tries to rotate and it doesn’t work another defeat then against hull but look at that super duper strong um 10 points in the next four games i was at two of those games so my first look at them in the flesh i was at the game against derby and at qpr where they sat in um were very stable and the team shape was very good and picked off uh derby uh with a mistake win the game and then qpr sat there waiting for the red card and slide him four nil by the end of that one um so i now kind of at this point know what forrest is about um we then get a second slip uh five games there without a victory three defeats in there and a worrying collapse there at home to sheffield wednesday where just bizarrely i think that’s four nil at half time as well so um some signs of some streakiness coming in here uh 21st of december there after that ninth position three off the playoffs but only six defeats so still some sense that they’re hard to beat as i said um the idea is coming into my head now that um there wasn’t too much outside of the first team and uh sadly in january um dear cabi comes on loan from huddersfield nuno de costa uh gaetan bong um did he need to bring an option in in january to relieve the pressure on particularly gravin and lolly to a lesser extent amiobi and thiago silva but there’s some sense that if there’d been a good january recruitment uh run there and you actually got a player who was on the level of one of those guys maybe this would have been different um however look at that another absolutely superb run look at the clean sheets there against hull against wigan um away at brentford i would at that game and then against leeds and you start to be looking at the teams they’re beating there particularly those last two victories against brentford and leeds these are challengers in the top four and forest there one two three four five six wins in nine two draws and a defeat superb stuff um fourth position two points off the top and off west brom and um looking good but streaky still remember this fourth position is not built on very very steady lose one steady steady lose one this is built on outstanding form for six seven games then bad form for three or four games then you know and not much in between which um is a worry and obviously we’ll revisit at the end here are the results up to lockdown again um not great there but not many defeats and a good away win um a signature lamushi win really or one nil away there at um card if we go into lockdown and then out of project restart um seven points in the first three games and they did lead um in that game at sheffield wednesday but good victories there against huddersfield and bristol city and all is looking good still um i hate to say it’s as good as it’s gonna get there uh fourth position six places to go and bear in mind how close brentford and fulham uh in the end gonna run west brom it wasn’t actually all over in terms of the top two but now we have to have a look at what is going to turn out to be a completely horrendous run-in for forest starting with the east midlands derby and um well i watched this game i did a review of it forrest really should have run uh one despite what that xg says remember derby are gonna score um from pretty much on the goal line to bump that number up but going into stoppage time uh alex mightin goes through one-on-one lewis grabber misses a decent chance as well chris martin equalizes in the 97th minute start to remember the timing of some of these goals as we go through the running so first uh chance lost then home to close rivals fulham in a very close game .41 each on the xg and again look at the timing of the goal i know a lot of forest fans um were complaining that the balls kicked against artists hand as well before that goal but again four minutes into stoppage time forrest have now taken one point from those two games they’re in the lead again at preston in the next game after five minutes but they allow preston back in and the game is drawn um a bit of a horrible future echo here because it’s swansea and even though there’s no late goals or badly timed stuff they were behind twice um and sami amiobi a good individual performance from him um gets them the point however this was a future echo of a key opponent that didn’t really look like an opponent then here comes more awful late drama again 93rd minute there and they lose at barnsley and you start to feel something is in the air they’ve gone from this um fourth place here and look it is ten points ahead of swansea and preston at this point and then with one game to go it’s still though and we know what’s going to happen a very healthy three-point lead with a five-goal advantage in the goal difference and uh they’re only one behind in terms of goals scored so there are still um chances where um you know even with a defeat they’re probably going to be fine and then we all know what happens on this mad shocking final day there uh danny bark gives stoke the lead but at that point where figuerado equalizes there are 30 minutes to play forrest are three points ahead and five ahead in the goal difference it’s 1-1 at swansea reading as well and then we all know what’s gonna happen uh bang bang mclean and gregory it’s then one um bang bang bang at swansea and they are four one up it’s all swung now that is the five goal swing and then just insult to injury 96 minutes we’ll make it a six goal swing as well nuno de costa with the own goal a 96 minutes and forest from here six games out um probably my favorites for the playoff as well considering how solid they are have gone from fourth spot and ten ahead of eighth place swansea two seventh spot and one goal behind now sixth place onesie so look incredible incredible swing um i am going to pop up some theories now um i’d love your comments on each of these or whether you think it’s a compounding of all of these things but here are just some theories um the first one at the top style means streaks what do i mean by that well by definition forrest were four one four one or four two three one they sat behind the ball and they relied on quality particularly from graben and lolly and solidity to win games i think that that tactic particularly without bench options that we’ll talk about lends itself to streaks am i barking up the right tree when you’re in the mode and you’re high quality players are [Music] scoring goals and scoring low percentage chances and you’re not conceding no one’s banging in the 25 yards because you’re solid you’re winning you’re winning you’re winning but um can you turn a game when you’re not playing well um playing that style perhaps the theory would say that if you do get the goal you’re likely to win but if you go behind you’re likely to lose and that makes you streaky what do you think second lack of bench strength um we said right from the word go he had his team and nothing really changed so when forrest were in games and um they were tight did they have anyone that they could bring in and change the game i don’t think they did and i think behind grabbing and lolly as the match winners uh they went for decosta and dear carby did those guys have an influence no they didn’t is the lack of strength on the bench what um hindered forrest in the second half of the season regression to the mean number three was sabrina mushi actually doing a very good job here we’ve seen forests finishes and averaging around sort of 14 15th place over the last seven or eight years we’ve just won eighth place in there is seventh place actually a good finish and forest just slowed down and regressed to the mean by the end of the season and is this a two or three year con contract and project for the movie where they will now if they improve next season but they will finish in the playoffs by definition because there is um nothing else above them other than the playoffs did they just um go to where they should have finished all along even in the most strange and freakish of ways uh number four a psychological collapse was there we’ve looked at those runnings huge late goal 97th minute um against uh derby 93rd minute and then obviously in the last game there was some kind of collapse i thought i saw the mother of all psychological collapses with leaves last season losing those big home games against norwich and sheffield united inexplicably against wigan and then losing in the playoffs to derby having been two goals ahead with pretty much 46 minutes of the tie to go did forest just collapse psychologically particularly in that last game or was it just sheer bad luck in those last six games it did seem that everything just went against forrest we can chart it 97th minute equalizer from chris martin arter could have been handball on another day and you lose to a direct rival not beating swansea in respects of your direct rival going to put them to bed with a victory their 93rd minute defeat against um barnsley and then the crazy last day were they just unlucky and this whole video is um trying to find theories um that maybe aren’t there did they just get very unlucky at the end who knows i think in terms of a um a sort of cogent uh theory that adds up i don’t like to say bad luck because you can’t quantify it or was it all of those things compounding look let me know what you think in the comments um certainly it was a hell of a collapse for nottingham forest and be really really interested in your comments on this one as i say i don’t know the answer i’m positing a load of theories there could be any of them and i’d be interested in what you guys think in the comments uh if you’re a forest fan um again i hold my hands up i’m an outsider you probably know more about this than me but please understand i don’t come from a position of pointing fingers and poking fun at first i come from a position of respect and looking for a good discussion and a good debate on this um again i know some people get emotional about their football team and can’t cope with oh why is this outsider talking about my team but hopefully you’ll understand i’m a football lover and i’ve come from a position of big respect so get your theories in whatever you think try not to if you’re a derby fan or a leeds fan or whoever we’ve seen a lot of fun be poked at forrest not making the playoffs um you know if you want to do that and football bandage your thing then maybe this channel is is not for you so maybe we can avoid those uh comments and if they’re particularly spiteful i’ll just remove them you can support my work here on the channel uh via super chat this video will go up as a premiere so just click the live chat you’ll see the dollar button support me here you can support on patreon why because kovid has lost me my job i was doing for four days a week and i’m trying to make the go of this full time um but in the meantime we’re doing pretty well on youtube but i just need um a bit of financial support um to get through hopefully the um intervening months as we try and build up the subscriber base and rely on ad revenue but could do with your help um in the meantime maybe make my ambition come true of doing this either part-time or full-time and in europe if you’re a forest fan obviously i’ll be here next season doing championship you’ll be here next season what financial support does mean for me is more time and i can do a better job with research for example right now it’s coming up 10 o’clock i’ve been working on this video now for three hours making slides doing my research the more time i’ve got the better the content which will always be free here on youtube and um hopefully um the better than the debate and it helps everybody then doesn’t it if not um that’s fine but hit the thumbs up button if you’re watching certainly if you’ve got this far give me a thumbs up uh type a comment uh get in the debate please keep it civil i know football uh youtube and youtube generally can be an absolute cesspool of people just being frankly idiots to each other let’s try and make this part of youtube a place where um civil debate takes place because i know it can go the other way and please do me one big favor if you can’t support financially uh we’ve gone over ten thousand i think ten thousand seven hundred subscribers now it’s going really well we need to grow that number um maybe two or three times before i can even think about making um any kind of part-time or full-time living so please hit that subscribe button especially if you’re a forest fan because we’re both gonna be here next season um get your comments in what happens next um i hear people saying will the mooc should be sacked um look nothing would surprise me at forest there’s been some surprise seconds there i would have him there next season give him um two three years because again looking at those forest uh finishes over the past you know 10 11 years this was actually a good one in the bigger picture and again one place improvement and they’re in the playoffs but get your opinion in in the comments we value it greatly and that is my thoughts on nottingham forests crazy collapse what went wrong thank you for watching um see you soon hope it wasn’t too painful if you’re a forest fan over and out

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