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another mini one good morning everyone from a very cold and crisp day and we’re about to go out and do some more geocaching try and get our numbers up a bit more sun is shining and now better scrape the [Music] that’s my windows the windows have been done yeah crafty i just found the first one of today [Music] all right so that was a difficulty 4.5 was it difficulty 4.5 hey off to 44 and terrain one and a half so this next one is also a difficulty for and terrain two i’m walking on the muddy paths and uh hopefully we’ll find it so we’re in bingham and that’s bingham church over there and we’ve just done another geocache hi and welcome as you join us today on another walk and ramble around nottinghamshire this area is bingham in nottinghamshire i’m walking around the fields and hopefully up to the pond and then back into the town centre see the church over there it’s quite a muddy day today cold and we’re heading that way first to do a geocache then we’re going to turn around and walk back and go across the field with that man’s there’s a man jogging over there yeah okay we’ve got another one we have another one two thousand five hundred and ten blasting through him lewis that’s three in a row three in a row maybe we’ll start walking to the next one hey so we’re um we’re gonna treat you through this muddy field now we’ll just find another cache geocache uh just a simple basic one really so uh yep we’re getting there guys another one to add to the list determine that we’re gonna reach 3000 this year i think it’s doable because we’ve got a lot of uh things planned a lot of uh adventures planned for this year lots of places we’re visiting hopefully if it all goes to plan um provided a house restoration work goes to plan then we should be okay oh provided covered stays out the way and don’t ruin our days away then we’ll be fine so yeah we’ll carry on now probably hyperlapse this section as well [Music] into the next geocache now across this field can’t believe our masters it’s warm for january i’m vlogging it’s four degrees yeah but it feels warmer than that logged into all these geocaching journeys on a his own playlist 2022 playlist so definitely go check it out if you want to see all the other adventures we’ve done 60 foot away [Music] about 60 foot away 24 foot be careful mate it’s full of water [Music] there’s a rock down there [Music] seven foot oh dear hmm it could be anywhere couldn’t it it’s a seven foot for me we almost gave up on it we literally said that’s it we’re leaving and lewis the super geocacher that he is found it and it is harder than it looks trust me the kids found this one they won’t give up till they find it and they find it but obviously there’s a bit of a clue because you can see where i’m stood so yeah but you’re gonna have to have a look for it if you want to find 1 513th done and that was a very tricky and clever sneaky hide again i’m liking these crashes they’re good but uh we found it well i’ll say we found it why i found it not me so we’re gonna go on to the next one now which is uh and it’s at the end of this field where the football field is all right be careful here just proper muddy and slip it so so muddy and sloppy there’s no easy way to get around it is this like careful shell proper muddy proper slippery i’m going to stop filming till we get to the next slide update after the we did after the last recording where we’d found it and it was a sneaky hide we went to the next location and there were loads of kids playing football and training football and the cash itself was extremely difficult too difficult for us to find so we moved on and then we got to the next one which was somewhere along this catch fence and um we found it so yeah and now we’re moving on to the next one which is down this hill look at this this is pretty cool isn’t it pretty cool little new build it looks like it’s new development part of the house in the state i would guess shelley that’s part of what they’ve had to do usually when they build a new housing state they have to commit to making something for the community so i would guess that they’ve that’s what this pond’s about so we’re going down the hill and i think one of the next caches is surrounding these bridges somewhere oh yeah absolutely beautiful day that’s another geocache done about a bit of success and two dnfs so far some people stood right with that bridge lot oh no they’re walking on a link it’s got a dnf then i find then a dnf and a find and then i so yeah that’s beautiful little pond holder from the drone around it we haven’t really got time not today anything you want it’s just stuck because they just find this one what we’ve done it i’ve done it and she’s signing the log i think it’s our number nine today i’m not quite sure lost count i’ll update it at the end before i upload to exactly how many we’ve got let’s tell exactly how many i’ve got we’re doing a church multi cache as part of our day and there’s a he served at the battle of waterloo june 18th 1815. I’ll show you the church as well before we move on I’ll show you here and that’s what you can see from the fields I showed you previously see ya peace so that’s it today we’ve done our geocaches um we’re now on 2523 uh I completely lost can um while we were doing them but uh I’ll try and stamp them out the casters that we’ve done as we’re walking around but um it was difficult we had quite a few dnfs we had I think on today’s was it six or seven we had dnfs that we couldn’t find so it was mostly good mostly you know obviously we did 16 fines today so yeah pretty happy with that and a little tour around um Bingham so yeah thank you very much for watching and please give the video like and subscribe to the channel and we’re back again soon with more thank you and goodbye

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