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[Music] come on [Music] hey guys what’s going on it’s talk fast tv we are back with the latest and tv news ask for you showing your alive as well which is quite nice because obviously we’re all getting quite a few live streams this week so i hope it’s quite nice i’ll see the nuisance on judd wallace um obviously came back this morning and also we tried signing him and also tried to um get him and last month but obviously milwaukee weren’t butching on their value which i found really really weird because i think obviously they wanted to um sell him for um quite like money before he sat a contract in next couple months so i think it’s weird one then number one so i think that um i feel like that the folks that are gonna get involved probably gonna get them in the summer uh a lot of talk obviously about um jaguars obviously yes me man say um i do feel like that and if we do want him we’ll have to fight for him i’ll see this talks that then you are very keen on him this is battery football league willed obviously the t-slash was interested in him obviously ah um them suffering out of mid-spa or interesting in the window from the wall obviously they all know how um good yes i feel like that if um if we’re going to try and get we’re gonna have to fight for them i think that obviously milwaukee middle spa are in their family so that attracts enough pain family football will be up there or when you come to somewhere that falls where this project of uh cb2p is working is um doing quite well so i do feel like that um things are going quite well and that with jeff wallace i feel like if we do go in for him obviously and i find this what we can do it will come to us all we’ll do attraction our family football and money uh be more interest for him so it’s it be an interesting one to affair and that’s had that but i feel like that if i sound ambitious enough then i feel like that would should go in for man it’s just really really good actually to fear that we are confident to actually um wanting to do something about it so thanks for if any comments as per usual guys so i think that jaguar swap is something really different from what our normal attackers would and i don’t want to do it be a replacement for ben and johnson because obviously ben johnson does play a preview toward how we do play especially in this three four one two and only from one of the four two three one information that pays a pivotal role in both formations so that how do you feel that about brennan johnson um and that i feel about judd wallace so it’d be um interesting tell us how um things will go about it so i just think we will do the right thing about it so and that judd wants to make the right decision so tell us what you think guys as per usual and actually thank you for watching [Music]

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