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Do you want flexible working hours to suit you? Start a career in homecare now?
No experience necessary, full training provided
Apply Now at or call/text 07929726449

what works well for us primarily is working around our family and my husband works during the day so he finishes just after five o’clock and i’m able to go to work after so i’m able to take the kids to school i’m able to pick them up from school and do any reading do any assignments or any of that sort settle them down feed them and then i’m ready to go off to work which works perfectly in any sense of um you know appointments activities you’re able to be there you’re able to be involved yet still have a job so it works perfect yeah definitely [Music] i’d never thought about doing care work before never even crossed my mind and i thought well i’ll give it a go see how how it you know goes with me and try it basically i’m still doing it and i absolutely love my job i feel like i get more um varied life experience where i’m dealing with the public which is what i love to do i’m actually helping people and in many ways i didn’t realize that was what makes me feel a happier person to be honest um i just feel like i’ve got totally more flexibility in this job i’m able to do more of what i want to do which is i like to run a lot and i’m getting more time to do that i socialize with my friends more i’ve actually got more better work life balance than what i did have before and the shift pattern is absolutely perfect for me um it’s i couldn’t actually imagine going back to my old job i i just feel totally happy with what i’m doing

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