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Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, I wanted to find out how consistent branches are when it comes to food franchises and what better way to start with #Chickaros in #Nottingham since I LOVED the #Birmingham branch. Chickaros treated me to a feast and I was devouring some of their best sellers! Definitely wowed by the range of food they have and was impressed by how my experience was consistent in both the branches I visited. Chickaros Birmingham Branch Review:… Chickaros Website: Chickaros Instagram:… Let me know where to review next. Enjoy the review and keep on munching! Be sure to like, comment and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video! Let me know what you think of the review and tell me if you have been!

yes boys and girls ladies and gentlemen welcome to a brand new episode of halal munchies or should i say part two because i am in nottingham i’m at the chicago’s nottingham branch and i think first thing i want to kind of approach and say is i’m gonna approach this review as like a case study so essentially what i want to find out is one word consistency i’ve been to the birmingham branch i thought the food is really good i really enjoyed different elements how they put their own spin on different types of dishes and i’m here to confirm or it might be a little different that is chicaros in nottingham as good as the birmingham branch kind of approached through that consistency as you know consistency is key so i had a and i must say i’ve just walked in now it’s proper nice and i have to be honest with you i love the neon lights let’s get 360 over here good vibes only um ended up in chicago’s and that’s most definitely where i have ended up so we are you know it’d be it’d be a good kind of it’d be good if you go watch the first video and then from there kind of like i like a part two this will be a part two so sit back relax enjoy this episode if you’re new here be sure to like comment and subscribe follow the instagram page at halal munchies reviews and i’ll catch you guys in the next clip probably when the food comes so guys just uh waiting for the food to be made i’ve got myself on the big screen right now i’ve got myself uh i’m just watching my just prepping myself uh for the video for the food by watching my now with my videos so uh yeah sipping on my cup of tea whilst uh watching there you go yeah okay the fire’s already started okay guys so the food has come and look at this they’ve got so much different types of food i don’t know where to start but luckily i’ve got a specialist right next to me uh first of all just look at that show there we are we’re not finishing with bang there’s dessert so you know what i say food goes to the belly but dessert goes to the heart so we always gotta finish off with something sweet so brother just go through one by one so which one is this one here well the classic hot dog here with our signature fries mm-hmm we’ve got cheetos and signature fries is a new addition to our menu okay nice nice nice got the el dorado steak for the cheese lovers cause you’ve got mac and cheese on that yummy we’ve got a loaded waffle top seller says waffle with meat on it with a sriracha special sauce on it nice we’ve got the parmesan strips so someone doesn’t want a bit of starch out of the parmesan cheese and then we’ll ask for cake which is top seller everyone has to have cheese it’s made especially by me for you as well uh you made it for me i appreciate that but guys i don’t know where to start but the food right now aesthetically looks amazing but does it taste good we’re about to find out so we are live and direct you’ve just seen the clips incredible looking food but i said it’s all about the about the taste caramel dippers dippers see of course chicken deep fried deep fried there’s a cheese on it palmer on here yeah oh look at that signature sauce yeah exactly that looks good man here we go flavors the cheesiness ah the smoothness of the cheesiness the sauciness on the top of the sauce chicken is cooked really well chicken juicy love the sauce on there perfect way to start the meal what i am going to wash it down with is a strawberry ah incredibly refreshing you can definitely taste the lime in there too i think we’re gonna slowly transition to the steak now i think i’ve been eyeing that one up uh we are gonna go look at that beautiful here we go oh okay that steak has a bit of a seasoning on that i can definitely taste that the last bit places salt pepper and they let the quality of the meat stand out but it’s not only got great quality but it’s got a nice kind of masala flavor on there too mac and cheese brings that smoothness to it yeah that’s what spicy is the naga lingua naga right this is what i think personally with the naga spice right you know how the spice is to play around in the walls of your mouth not the naga one you know what happens it goes into your nose you know how spicy it is so many meats you got minced meat you’ve got naga donna you’ve got the steak of course mac and cheese so guys this is their this is their cheetos burger cheetos beef burger here we go you got this bit of onion rings on the top crumbled uh pieces of cheetos cheetos in there you got cheese cheetos burger [Music] so as expected massive crunch from the crisp the cheetos or plays in the walls of your mouth believe it or not it’s a cheese it binds it nicely together i think cheese has always been known to bind things together so i really like that i’m gonna go in for another bite because i didn’t get too much of the patty oh it’s a double patty you can see that guys it’s a double patty [Music] some people kind of give it overkill on the pati but i think you might just have salt and pepper i’m not too sure but just very simple on top they kept it simple with the burger and the flavor really comes through with that uh cheetos so i think that is a good one to put on the menu and most definitely heap on that menu is it a american establishment if they don’t have um a classic hot dog of course as you can see as uh ketchup you got your mustard on there and then it was a saucy one isn’t it here we go you get that pungent kick here definitely with a gherkin look at that can you see that this is what you call a true american hot dog personally i’m not a massive fan of hot dogs from a kind of feedback perspective i would say to these guys is maybe experiment with a brioche hot dog bun because last night as you know i don’t know if you follow the instagram page we went to the food festival and there’s a few barbecue places there unbelievable delicious frilly cheesesteaks and one thing i liked about their kind of hot dog bun was you have that buoyancy it bounces back to you and also brioche buns they usually have a kind of sweetness don’t they balance the flavors there you are that is their classic hot dog try brioche maybe add just a bit of feedback definitely something yeah yeah because you get that sweetness too with brioche so let’s go on to the fries because i absolutely love love love their saucy fries so i know what goes in there i’m not gonna say on camera there’s predominantly three sauces that go in there and it’s an unbelievable combination very simple and i can see why next we’re moving on to the fully loaded waffles i’m not going to give you a close-up on this with a little fork i’m going to show you the whole plate look at that let’s get the zoom in if you’re from my background you know we say my mouth is more trained on this one here we go oh sweetness straight away you’re welcome by this deep crunch coleslaw binds it nicely together only criticisms for me those waffles are a little bit dense for me that’s the only criticism i give personally some people like a bit more fluffy waffle that’s the only criticism for me it’s a personal preference so we’re going to finish off with two drinks the blue lagoon yeah oreo here we go wow yummy that is you know would love it the kids would love this so i’ve had a nibble on everything so far let’s finish up with something sweet just chew your drinks because i a delicious cake and a perfect way to finish off the meal we just finished off the movie as i mentioned at the star said this video is more like a confirmation that our branches so i’ve been to the ladypool branch in birmingham and i’ve been at the nottingham branch are they consistent of course the brother was sitting here i think it’s always good to have a feedback kind of conversation with the hot dog i say definitely upgrade to kind of like a brioche when you get that sweetness with the brioche one don’t you and then the waffle for me was just way too dense but it’s that kind of sweetness that pops out balance of flavors remember guys i always refer balance of flavors that is me signing out so guys be sure to like comment and subscribe also check out the instagram page at hola winches reviews and i’ll catch you guys in the next one

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