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Day: 1 May 2022

  • Guru Nanak’s Helping Local Community Meals

    so we have collaborated before with the nautical forest community trust the idea there is to make sure that our communities are looked after kids because during holidays they don’t get the free meals from school the idea is to make sure the kids don’t go hungry importance of kids having here because it’s important […]


  • Nottingham Forest vs Swansea Vlog #doreontour

    is what’s going on people it’s mr love back again with another match day vlog last home game of the season and this time we are home just onesie after force is fantastic win against fulham on tuesday uh it was unbelievable support and um to say that we’re three games away to premier league […]


  • Is Nottingham Safe? Vlog #KnifeCrime

    hmm when a young person has a chat with a police officer their life one day click this link below all day you’re going to see a majority of young people and they wear balaclavas really yeah if me stopping to search for someone there’s lots of cid investigators on it [Music] stabbing epidemic there’s […]


  • #Nottingham Vlog #Stabbing Aftermath Video

    hello again it’s notts Dot online it’s a beautiful day outside [Music] follow me oh you’re not worried about that all right cool about filming graffiti in public tend to come and see me what are you talking for yeah no no i’m not your friend you’re trying to be associating with you when you’re […]


  • Nottingham Stabbing UK Vlog April 22

    and uh not start online we are looking for a reporter in every single area of nottingham uh just to nip out your house take a video what’s going off maybe ask some people their opinion or their speculation about the matter but here we are in sneinton today on center boulevard all right and […]