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Tourist in Nottingham Robin Hood Vlog


Diamond Gunn gives us a tour of Nottingham in her Vlog #robinhood #notts

[Music] in my last video I took a trip to Manchester and when it was time for us to leave we decided to stop over in the nearby town of Nottingham [Music] hiya we just made it to Nottingham we’re getting ready to try and catch Robin Hood um and a couple other places it is a Wednesday, so we’re not sure what all will be open but let’s go exploring since we were crunched for time, and we arrived after business hours for most of the main attractions we decided to make the most of our time doing what we could, we did stop by the flying horse walk arcade which was unique because it was home to an art gallery and not just the typical shops that you see in most arcades [Music] there are also plenty of places to shop along brittlesmithsgate I’m not sure if I said that right if you’re like me, and you’re not a fan of shopping you can still find the stroll enjoyable due to the architecture of the streets it is really visually appealing you can’t help but wander into so many stores just because of the outer aesthetic some other popular shopping locations in Nottingham are into Victoria and the exchange arcade which we popped over to after we left the flying horse walk arcade [Music] hi yes diamond from the future here I realized when I was putting this video together I left out one super important thing that i learned about Nottingham not only is it the city of the nottingham castle and Robin Hood, but but it’s also known as the city of caves and that is because Nottingham is home to the uk’s largest network of underground caves once upon a time people actually live and work underground like right below the city center which is really cool unfortunately we learned that as we were leaving and we also didn’t have time to experience it because we were there after hours if you’re interested in going or you’re heading to nottingham soon i’ll have a link to tickets down in my description box which i strongly encourage you to do because the tickets are under 10 pounds per person so that’s a really good deal if you have been to that m case please let me know what your experience was like in the comment section i love learning about different things that you guys know about the cities that i tend to leave out as well as the nearby cities you guys have great information y’all are always informing me while i’m trying to inform others so i just love this relationship let me know what your experience was like when you went to nottingham caves or anything else that i might not include in this video all right let’s get back to the things that i actually did when i was in nottingham if you enjoy taking photos or capturing content carlton tree is a place to visit with its colorful crosswalks and street art if you’re into a more calm aesthetic old market square is a place to snap some pictures as well [Music] earlier i mentioned nottingham castle this is actually where the legend of the real robin hood was held prisoner it’s not clear whether this folklore is true but i am from the land of disney world so i’ll take it outside the castle is a statue of robin hood and his merry men shooting in the arrow at the castle although it’s not clear whether robin hood is a real person or not or if he was even a prisoner of nottingham castle there are plenty of shops around the castle that feed into this story and it just makes for a good time one prisoner that we do know for sure was held here at nottingham castle was king david ii of scotland he was held here as prisoner after he invaded england and was defeated at the battle of naval’s cross [Music] with only four hours to spare we got to see a lot of the major attractions here in nottingham unfortunately they were closed but the next time we come around we know exactly where to go you have four hours to spare at naughty camp what would you do let me know in the comments and i can’t wait to see you guys on the next one thank thanks for watching [Music] [Music]

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