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hello welcome to podcast this is a introduction so hello everybody out there hello make sure you press subscribe and press the little bell so you know every single time that i’m going live in this spot right now in nottingham i’ll have somebody sat there that i’ve probably just met someone who’s probably intoxicated somebody who’s probably lived a mad life somebody who’s got something to say someone who’s provocative and challenging and opinionated they’re the sort of people that i like to talk to people with a bit of passion in their lives and tell me about it all right thank you very much for listening make sure you subscribe check out my my affiliate links at the bottom of the page and i do do t-shirts and stuff like that quite sick designs if i must say so myself i’ve only bought a tote bag for myself so far but let me plug it and i should be wearing my merch because i do like the design and i’ve been doing more designs this is my tote bag so when i’m out here toting my stuff in town on a leisurely one on a monday afternoon like i was going to prime up to buy some new socks i’ll be rocking this back like i’m sophisticated assigned i mean like i’m a student hnd master’s degree bachelors and honors and all that but it ain’t true so i make it happen anyway

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