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Day: 27 July 2022

  • Notts County Vs Nottingham Forest #magpies

    Ross County tour it’s Match Day first time I’ve ever vlogger friendly but it’s the forest friendly at home first time back at medley since the uh disaster against Grimsby so um a lot has changed since then an awful lot we’ve talked about a lot on the channel Luke Williams a lot of signings […]


  • Nottingham Forest vs Notts County #doreontour

    what’s going on people it’s mr back again with another matchday vlog at this time looking forward all the way to knox county it’s a mixed sight today ryan nix is back as well so that’s good news some storage i keep getting saying sit wrong wrong standing he’s playing kathryn’s playing luray is playing […]


  • Alex Belfield Trial update and court details

    howdy chunky it’s monday the 25th of july my name is alex spellfield this is the voice of reason with the court report at nottingham crown court today day 16 week four of rv alex belfield the crown v me with eight charges of stalking today we have two witnesses helen grimes that’s bernie keith […]