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    hello Ritz fan informattacker reveals dream ahead of Nottingham Forest transfer latest Nottingham Forest news from Nottinghamshire live as attention turns to Ridge January transfer window but first if you’re new to the channel enjoy and subscribe so you don’t miss the latest Foresters news that we’re always bringing you first hand enjoy and leave […]



    because suppose your team looking any fresh injuries or anybody yeah unfortunately um Julian bianconi picked up a serious knee injury uh which is ruling him up for the season all right so really uh really difficult news for for him and obviously a blow for us as well as I know as a player […]


  • Notts County vs Bromley Vlog

    foreign talk play ratings as we have just drawn 1-1 with Bromley at home a frustrating evening wasn’t it they really did frustrate us at the end of the game um players going down if the wind blew them a little bit too hard and the ref pretty much giving them the run-of-the-mill wasn’t he […]


  • Nottingham Forest Vs Arsenal Highlights #nffc

    [Applause] nine wins from 11 and that 10th win if it does come true gun Gunners of Arsenal vibrantine a mighty fine Stars [Applause] has asked something back upon their ninth game in this position just two stops away on the two a big day out for the expect Nottingham Forest to allow Arsenal to […]


  • Nffc vs liverpool post match interview Cooper

    Stevie must be absolutely proud of that performance they are extremely proud of the performance we needed we needed a win obviously we’ve not been on a good run so um you know there’s a couple important factors to the result today one is I’ve desperate we were for for a win um uh also […]


  • Nottingham Forest v Liverpool Highlights

    flipped forward long Carvalho controls beautifully a dropping ball and then stabs it towards goal and it’s blocked by Henderson tackle and it’s freed up Morgan gives white this time to have a run against Van Dyke little ball into the penalty area for a one year a warn you stabs it back for coyote […]


  • Notts County Vs Nottingham Forest #magpies

    Ross County tour it’s Match Day first time I’ve ever vlogger friendly but it’s the forest friendly at home first time back at medley since the uh disaster against Grimsby so um a lot has changed since then an awful lot we’ve talked about a lot on the channel Luke Williams a lot of signings […]


  • Nottingham Forest vs Notts County #doreontour

    what’s going on people it’s mr back again with another matchday vlog at this time looking forward all the way to knox county it’s a mixed sight today ryan nix is back as well so that’s good news some storage i keep getting saying sit wrong wrong standing he’s playing kathryn’s playing luray is playing […]