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Nottingham Street Music And People In the City Centre Of Nottingham.

  • Knife crime – DJs vs Promoters Football

    We are currently one of the amazing sponsors for this event which is being put on as a charity football tournament. DJs Vs Promoters. There are 2 elements to this event that we are truly passionate about. Promotion and combating knife crime. This event will raise funds to help stamp out knife crime. If interested […]

  • Nottingham Rapper – Big Grizz – Wins

    [Music] big [Music] i got people in the streets trying to make a killing grab a brick drop it down that’s the way they’re living trying to keep their belly large shoulder in the kitchen louis hamilton [ __ ] called you really whipping need a clue that fantastic vision trying to be upon your screens like […]

  • Is #Nottingham Safe? Bloody Needles In Bushes!

    hello everybody here we are uh up with knots online again and we are on sneinton dale close to um you know the homeless shelters and stuff like that around here there’s a lot of sheltered accommodation and you know I’ve seen a bucket in this bush as I was walking by and I thought […]

  • #Nottingham Abandoned Building Vlog

    [Music] hello everybody welcome to forgotten explore today we are at um a secondary school which is in Nottingham somewhere i’m with bearded reality did you explain with gem or gem exploring gerry explored even and m’s world over there as well so yeah let’s get to it let’s see what we find and sorry […]

  • Nottingham historic Cave Explore Vlog

    [Music] so today you find me in staplefoot that is part of Nottingham and this is the cemetery ground of stapleford cemetery and it’s been since 1880 so that’s 142 years old and it is absolutely beautiful and it was a gift from a gentleman called joseph fairfield esquire i grew up around this area […]

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