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  • #Nottingham Vlog Tour Market Square #Fairground

    your sins a forgiven woman[Music]your faith has saved you go in please[Music]this is just a love song and it’s interesting the bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood it’s a spiritual battle that’s going on absolute spiritual battle we just get focused on the flesh everybody is in some kind of pain some […]


  • Nottingham Vlog Ky & Klaudia

    that’s what it looks like it’s beautiful so one and he ended up buying stuff for 111 pounds what do you think about that i’m broken this before [Music] [Music] [Music] oh you’re not gonna take the big one you’re full guys we’re at derby right now and we’re waiting for our bus to nottingham […]


  • #Nottingham Vlog #Stabbing Aftermath Video

    hello again it’s notts Dot online it’s a beautiful day outside [Music] follow me oh you’re not worried about that all right cool about filming graffiti in public tend to come and see me what are you talking for yeah no no i’m not your friend you’re trying to be associating with you when you’re […]


  • Nottingham Stabbing UK Vlog April 22

    and uh not start online we are looking for a reporter in every single area of nottingham uh just to nip out your house take a video what’s going off maybe ask some people their opinion or their speculation about the matter but here we are in sneinton today on center boulevard all right and […]


  • Safe-Parking-City-Nottingham

    Nottingham Broadmarsh Car Parking is Safe!

    New Broadmarsh multi-storey car park awarded nationally recognised Park Mark The new Broadmarsh multi-storey car park has achieved the high standards required to pass assessment for the Safer Parking Scheme and been awarded the coveted Park Mark. This awards is credited to parking facilities that have achieved the requirements of a risk assessment conducted by […]