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    Nottingham Forest History Podcast Hodge #nffc

    steve hodge was a great midfielder for forest and for england he’ll tell you all about his nottingham forest career in part one next [Music] i wanted to talk to you about your forest career as well which was obviously in the big league uh at the time although obviously the first division um obviously […]


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    Nottingham Forest – Liverpool – Doreontour! #nffc

    us what’s going on people it’s mr back again with another match day vlog and it’s fa cup time nothing for us v huddersfield and yes the winners get liverpool in the next round we played hospital twice in the league we beat them two nil at their ground and we lost one nil here […]


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    Forest vs Sheffield United Prep #coyr

    The Nottingham Forest Lads are preparing for the match with Sheffield United.


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    Podcast Scott Gemmill, Brian Clough

    playing playing for brian clough was it it stayed with me you know the the things that i learned the simplicity the clarity of message has really almost come to the fore now that i’m coaching um as a player it was the principles and the standards like you’ve referred to and and also the […]


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    Nottingham Forest Podcast – Garibaldi Red 118

    Garibaldi Red Podcast #nffc – 118 hello and welcome to uh the latest edition of our gary baldy red podcast i’m sarah clapson and i have some great guests here alongside me um gary bertles and greg mitchell from forza gary baldi here to chat about saturday and look ahead to bournemouth hello both you’re […]