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  • Nottingham Joker documentary

    i do it for the people that like a rogue or like a villain because at the end of the day that’s what i am i am a villain so i might as well be what i am and then you know what in this country the letter of the law says as long as […]


  • Nottingham Crime History Stories Documentary

    [Music] [Applause] on the afternoon on the 8th of november three months after the sterling murders a probe was planted inside radford police station as part of operation soul picked up a conversation between dc charles fletcher and jason groscock mr fletcher’s former boss at lymey’s closed door colin gunn was trying to find out […]


  • UK Drill Rappers in Prison for Shooting Sentenced

    three men have been jailed for their parts in tit-for-sat shootings in nottingham a jury heard how a shooting at a car in tennyson street in redford on the 3rd of august 2018 was reciprocated with the revenge using weeks later in all north street radford on the 21st of august thankfully while causing minor […]


  • UK Street Crime Documentary video

    david draycott was in trouble he owed money and those he owed it to were starting to run out of patience he could feel it in the darkness as he pulled his black mercedes into the driveway of his home in woodlands way in sutton ashfield it was 9 17 p.m on the 7th of […]


  • Nottingham Crime History UK Criminals

    [Music] tommy lau is philosopher considering that he knows he will never walk again his life was wrecked one november evening in 2001. tommy was at a house in a quiet hamlet of easton i was on the phone to his wife of just eight weeks who was preparing to make her way over to […]


  • Nottingham Beer Review – Neon Raptor

    [Music] hi i’m rob from hobson thanks for joining me here live on location at the neon raptor tap room here in nottingham um first beer that i’ve got is it’s part of they’ve just done a tour of the uk um going to look loads of bars and some shops as well some bar […]


  • British Criminal Documentary Nottingham UK Gangsters

    [Music] [Applause] [Music] in the early hours of the 30th of may 1993 a blues party was well underway in a disused warehouse in the ashford street of saiyans among those who had been forewarned about the event was the yadi eaton green mr green had fled to the uk to escape an attempted murder […]