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  • gEQPbwcIES

    Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2022 #beer

    jagman shane liam somewhere around who is it and i’m behind the camera navigation brewery craig chief brewer mr craft beer basic pomona island siren craft look at their beers blue [Music] [Music] let’s miss distillery [Music] yeah black irish brewery [Music] [Applause] good morning sam sorry hi spoon [Music] back to emperor’s brewery again […]


  • taiwo awoniyi predictions for forest nffc MmCleeES Gw

    Taiwo Awoniyi predictions for Forest #nffc

    hey what’s going on guys so tayo honey is all set to sign for nottingham forest after they met his release clause of 17 and a half million pounds to say i’m shocked about this would be an understatement as i’ve mentioned in previous videos forests are obviously a massive club but the fact that […]


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