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[Music] welcome back to the Channel people today we are in another cave in Nottingham [Music] so yeah this is partly cave partly mobile cup of mold on a tree route thank you [Music] good in theory that’s the door that’s down there that we’ve been getting we should be able to find that on this side yeah [Music] Center of these numbers one sec yes Robin in the hood I’ve just seen a message come through mate yes we found it we’re in as you can see everyone go give Robin in the hood on YouTube go give him a follow he’s the one that told me to come and check this place oh [Music] I’m gonna lie I got Brian responsible newspaper I’m going to start ringing some remember the old ad Max go with an attractive tan long here I have Q7 on your dreams 1998 we’ve got a date wow about 25 years old September the 16th to the 22nd do you think any of the mugs still got the same numbers should we bring up the cook up so you’re right I’ve just beat through the old ad in my game we’ve still got your cooking for sale see all the sandstone [Music] bro s [Music] [Music] [Music] they keep all his life you see you better all went down there looks like that’s a bit Dusty anyways bro oh yeah quite reply foreign put some more newspaper Jay windmill builders and contractors bring them so I’ve got a chocolate probably oh yeah we’ll try this bro very crystallized when you touch it it’s just water that’s mud is this we’ve got one here 64. tonight what’s that meters okay this is also pretty thick on them back of Bones wow spine and everything bro the cow something like that in it all the way up there hot swimming wow and Ben’s a very weird bro the more human like it’s pretty creepy especially that one’s long it’s like a hand see how we’ve got bones in my hand one two three four which are there then you’ve got your little ones and then your little fingers and then the tips that’s a big hand that bro for a dog or a cat that’s a bit weird bruh so definitely a dog or a cat though because look there’s it’s claw we’ve got to turn it oh no yeah a little power board come on camera Focus what kind of tenant super yes mate okay the old school original up top there I’ll check these carvings on the wall yeah cool what’s up then you can see light out there oh no holds all saucepan no be safe to turn one of them into a barbecue Yankee do it just stay at that toilet wow Dr Pepper foreign towards where that thing is the climbing up last time so I’ve got literally get behind it probably it’s more soft is formed all these it’s like I list them everywhere range download feel unsafe it’s not even a walk okay cool flight together only like soccer sorry none of this Samsung’s ripped all the cables I’ve gone come on imagine how long it would have to Carvel or something emergency exit this way someone’s been digging out all the clay Bros taking a home for the kids to play with but look the whole ceilings just click so I’ll Dodge you guys jump just for you take it and make me a pot or something the finest Nottinghamshire clay spider I don’t think this would be safe in a walk fall apart won’t hit boom clay just collapsed the whole walls and entrance are just full collect like I can pull it off with my finger bro see how far back we can go don’t I don’t want it came with it we’ve only found the entry so far we’ve not found another exit so one way out at the minute as far as we’re now great clay I don’t see how it’s stuck around it golden wonders wheat crunches 1995 995 wow I’ve just come out of nappies oh yeah Ryan’s found some bike tracks how far it goes down again wow so there are quite a few turns out there since we’ve been here I’m a bit lost to which direction I am now old school diet colas by sun charm well so we got down there 95. old school Coke gun 95 sparkling Cola what’s that one Pepsi wow is old and we’ll come back we’ll put our bottle of pepper next to it unfortunately no date probably not isn’t it the rest of them are nice so they’re really old because that’s when they change the wrinkle in the 90s so that’s a 80s or something I think I’m not buying a stamina sparkling toner again someone like that looks like you still got something Tizer all right besides not really cool foreign on the floor down here it was pretty much Gonna Roll today next oh my God oh so there’s some old guys all the way down quite a month oh and now that tunnel entrance now that’s like this is the end of it [Music] don’t feel like we’ve got that far does it to me anyway [Music] so there’s the entry guys at least your street I might go up and have a lot or do you want to go up [Music] [Music] [Applause] here so it’s a fish about three four times [Music] [Music] foreign [Music]

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