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  • Nottingham Hotel Audit Brittannia Migrant Crisis

    Nottingham Hotel Audit Vlog Migrants Story

    welcome back to the channel guys with today at the Britannia Hotel where there’s your migrants coming out already they’re living here yeah I’m watching you so yeah the migrants they live in here they’re still here so we’ll go and have a look shall we foreign [Applause] [Music] guys yeah I’m ready all right […]


  • Nottingham Evangelism Vlog

    foreign I’ll tell you I’ll tell you when it’s time for you to speak no one is people oh yeah true we’ll be we’ll be slightly four a.m yeah within variation like wherever they are wake up British people stubby and sleepy heads there’s one person 10 am from London yeah Bam Bam being said […]


  • Birthday Christmas Nottingham night out #vlog

    [Music] road trip road trip yeah where are we going Nottingham Nottingham yeah if we go in there pantomime yeah so we’re off to uh well first of Crowne Plaza in Nottingham and then the pantomime and why are we doing all this because it’s it’s not tomorrow 21 again and again and again push […]


  • Nottingham Christmas Market Vlog

    foreign [Music] I thought I’d show you our Christmas Market probably won’t be able to show you it all because it’s two-sided it goes through [Music] you know you can go this this way or you can go the other side and it accumulates in the Square which has a sky rink which is we […]


  • Alex Belfield Red Letter Day from Prison

    Red Letter Day for Alex Belfield hey everyone I don’t normally do lives but I wanted to do something very quickly as it’s Friday and it’s easier just for me to jump on and do this rather than um do a a whole film and edit it and upload it so I’ve just jumped on […]