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  • caves nottingham vlog

    Explore Nottingham Caves – J Smith Media

    [Music] welcome back to the Channel people today we are in another cave in Nottingham [Music] so yeah this is partly cave partly mobile cup of mold on a tree route thank you [Music] good in theory that’s the door that’s down there that we’ve been getting we should be able to find that on […]


  • Nottingham tourist vlog caves

    Nottingham Vlog Tourist tour of caves

    it’s a bit of a standoff going here being real typical tourists today that’s as close as we can get to the castle good morning and welcome to wandering Adventures today we are and we’re going to take you to take this house [Music] Jenny walking into the biggest boots in the world potentially potentially […]


  • watson fothergill nottingham historic buildings

    Watson Fothergil – Architecture Documentary

    foreign [Music] history today we will be talking about fothergil’s architecture Nottingham is a city rich in history and culture it is also home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the country one man who left a lasting mark on the city skyline was Watson fothergil a prolific architect who worked here in […]


  • nottingham castle

    Nottingham Castle Rich History – buildings in England.

    Nottingham Castle is a historic building located in the city of Nottingham England it is considered to be one of the most important cultural landmarks in the country and has a rich history that spans over 900 years the original Castle was built in 1067 by William the Conqueror and has served as a military […]


  • Chinese New Year Nottingham

    Chinese New Year Celebrations Nottingham City Vlog

    The Lunar New Year is the most important social and economic holiday for billions of people around the world. The holiday is tied to the lunar-solar Chinese calendar and was originally observed as a time to honor household and heavenly deities and ancestors. Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year, is an annual 15-day […]


  • driving in radford nottingham

    Driving Through Radford Nottingham Vlog

    Quote from “the Student Room” user on Radford, Nottingham : I live quite close to Radford – at the “wrong” end of Rothesay Ave. I use Ilkeston Rd (which is basically the dividing line between Radford and Lenton) quite a lot as a route to town, although usually only in groups when we’re going at […]


  • Nottingham Hotel Audit Brittannia Migrant Crisis

    Nottingham Hotel Audit Vlog Migrants Story

    welcome back to the channel guys with today at the Britannia Hotel where there’s your migrants coming out already they’re living here yeah I’m watching you so yeah the migrants they live in here they’re still here so we’ll go and have a look shall we foreign [Applause] [Music] guys yeah I’m ready all right […]


  • bXAWyapuU

    Nottingham Evangelism Vlog

    foreign I’ll tell you I’ll tell you when it’s time for you to speak no one is people oh yeah true we’ll be we’ll be slightly four a.m yeah within variation like wherever they are wake up British people stubby and sleepy heads there’s one person 10 am from London yeah Bam Bam being said […]