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    The Hypocrisy with LGBTQ+ and Islamic Support

    By examining the complexities and contradictions within the LGBTQ+ rights movement, this article aims to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities for creating a more inclusive and just society. Through critical evaluation and consistent advocacy, the movement can continue to progress towards its ultimate goal of equality and justice for all.


  • another machete knife on the streets of nottingham

    More Machete Attacks Coming!

    another machete knife on the streets of nottingham


  • Stabbing Knife Attack Again 12 yr old Nottingham Crime News Local Story

    Stabbing Knife Attack Again 12 Years old!

    Stabbing Knife Attack Again 12 yr old Nottingham Crime News Local Story


  • Shooting Community Studio Shottingham

    #Shottingham Shooting Near Studio

    Speaking of Nottingham, this fine city has its own special twist – the “Code of the Streets.” This unwritten rule of strict silence makes it incredibly tough for law enforcement to get any useful information. It’s like everyone has taken a vow of omertà. Breaking this code is a big no-no, and the fear of…


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    XL Bully Dogs in Nottingham: A Growing Menace

    enforcement is crucial to ensuring public safety. Authorities are urged to strictly monitor compliance and take swift action against those who flout the regulations.


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    Convicted Drug Dealer Avoids Jail for Hit & Run

    In a glaring example of Britain’s broken justice system, Jermaine Moran, a 35-year-old convicted drug dealer, has walked free despite causing a devastating accident that left a Rolls-Royce worker with a shattered kneecap. The collision, which occurred on Harvey Road in Derby, has sparked outrage among those who believe the criminal justice system is failing…


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    An Outrageous Act of Violence. #brokenBritain

    In the face of such darkness, the collective strength and resolve of the community can pave the way for a safer, more hopeful future. The scars left by this attack, both on the victims and the community, serve as a poignant reminder of the work that lies ahead.


  • The Scent of Happiness

    The bounties of nature – the scents as well as the beauty and the sounds – are intrinsically connected with our physical, mental and emotional health