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Nottingham Podcast 2# Featuring “cookie” Quick Chat About His Life

three times a night shed dolphin yeah and I was doing it and I was still smoking going home back to bestwood with my babies for that should be fascinating my daughter I wouldn’t even have to maintain your other life yeah Kelly we’re going I’m going out so she didn’t know she didn’t even know so we could cry so now I kept it kept that so yeah she and I think anyways and she caught it because I lost my weight I stopped me yeah but that’s how people eventually yeah after a few months yeah and then and then I was doing it and then I was going to take the car and I’ve never seen me because I was always in the car I was on my motorbike yeah you know I mean private life yeah yeah and it comes like gambling yeah or whatever yeah and you can just do it any time of the day yeah yeah it’s gonna crack ain’t ready I know what like now I think to myself now I think [ __ ] hard to understand two lives and I fulfilled it with me because I was smoking drugs a robbery say that again that’s not me the Reddit app and I know said something goes you know what look at his CCT you’ll clearly see me all I’m giving to him is fill in the bag up that’s what I’m going for I’m not guilty defending this stuff but then they want you to keep they wanted to remind me that’s my life done again like I said well now I could be so close to my shoulder now and yeah it could be a knock on my door I’ll never go ahead no believe this or not no a week before and I was in town with him yeah and got swung back please he got a recall next month I was testing myself because I was in town and I was feeling a bit you know insecure thinking I can’t really approach people I don’t know that’s what I’ve got to approach about this one I see you next yeah you’re not going to do it yeah [ __ ] it up hold up using the tracksuit from person yeah gold teeth and he’s walking strong that’s what [ __ ] he pumped up from jail I just thought oh [ __ ] excuse me I can take a picture of you in it yeah probably a bit nicely yeah you know what I’ve got a few people doing this for you yeah I like that right yeah I’m living and they’ve lived there I don’t know what there’ll be more welcome to come here I want to ask you some opinions here come on um I like talking and get into politics yeah but really it’s not really politics it’s just Community issues for example yeah it’s like certainly for example um there’s a lot of people here like all these do-gooders around here they’re all talking like oh yeah um they want to turn um that old church in there across the vine the surviving Church in it oh yeah across the road from there they’re about to [ __ ] like a thing they want to turn into a into a 24-hour homeless hostel yeah from a school yeah and I’m sure I’m not against people getting help because they’re going to get help yeah but at the same time yeah we’ve got to be realistic about the impact of that we have a local community that’s just the real one you know I mean 24-hour booking home this will be on a Peterson situation to you by Happening by situations and it’s made me choose different decisions because at the end of the day that’s just life could be a young one yeah there’s no going back sometimes isn’t it like you said no once you once you’re dabbling and stuff you dabbled your hands are there right yeah yeah is it is that your printer that’s right yeah it’s stamped on a routine and and the the Cycles the routine it’s hard to come up as well like like me now you know what years yeah I don’t know for me I don’t know I could spend the ground tomorrow and I can still be confident while I’m making money now you know what that is because of my and that’s not good I’m not private man I’m ashamed of it but like people look at it like look at me like they always say yeah cooking a royal dresser but they don’t know what’s going in there it’s in the air it’s in what people’s got to feel and I’m feeling it happened oh yeah my parents I’m probably mad you’re gonna look at me [ __ ] no this guy’s gonna cause me some [ __ ] are you guys in a few situations for three seconds a lot of people who are around the horrible people you’ve been around and let it take in their soul whereas you could care that’s what I’m saying you’re dying and walk through the street I want to meet the guys yeah I mean if I wanted to introduce you to Nottingham and just say yeah what you’re doing next and when you come out you’re going to do like like you know what you know what yeah I can’t remember my work and you know what I mean please or not I did abduction to get my job back and last week and obviously my ex combined I’m not the same age combine they come in warning me back this is the girl has broken me off to [ __ ] and then I want to see I’ve had a drink with that and I didn’t make it for work that day and you know what I keep myself no it’s my fault because because I ain’t got no talk to my boss to say to him what’s going on because he’s going to say to me I told you so that girl was bad because he’s your fault but yeah so it’s yeah if you loved her she would have made sure you’ve got to work on time yes thank you very much
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