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Player Performance Notts County Football Review Vlog

foreign talk play ratings as we have just drawn 1-1 with Bromley at home a frustrating evening wasn’t it they really did frustrate us at the end of the game um players going down if the wind blew them a little bit too hard and the ref pretty much giving them the run-of-the-mill wasn’t he um this point aren’t we yeah I am I’m look look back at it as I’ve just finished my video Matt and you were recording of will we’ve hit the Woodward three times we missed a one-on-one with our dare keeper making some unreal saves we should have scored four or five again yeah yeah and that that’s it isn’t it I’ve been undone by the cheapest goal yeah my like Michael cheek is just nipped in at the near pose it’s so avoidable yeah I’ve been opened up there it is um straight into it then Tom Sam Slocum I think I I think today Defenders have made his life hell I really do I think the passes that he’s been played to have been shocking and he’s I think he’s done quite well really I give him an eight and a half yeah yeah we would have been behind imagine going behind to that team yeah imagine going behind that Romney side like that would have been awful yeah so the fact he’s made that safe first off um he’s he’s just he’s been I can’t he’s captors in the game yeah I’m gonna give him a minute as well he was good uh we’ll move on then we’ll always go to the right win back don’t we so we’ll we’ll continue that Trend we’ll go into Maine I’m gonna say he was probably my man on the match today I think he was he was where all of our attacks were really coming from that meant anything um I think it was difficult for him today as well because later on in the game they were just it was just breaking up the game so much they couldn’t really get into it too much but you know the times he had the ball he was making things up and he’s so quick he beat his man everything I was gonna say he was he was taking his man on with success every time I’m gonna give him a minute and a half I thought I thought domain was probably he’s going to be the highest scorer for me I’m gonna go seven and a half okay find a month that’s very different view a bit different from you man just the final ball just wasn’t quite there could have had a penalty I don’t know how to say it back couldn’t have had a pennant we could really really because yeah um we’ll see chicks and then goal scorer he’s doing well today good goal uh yeah very good goal where we’re all taken I think he could have wound his wound it in a little bit with the with the shots then because he took a couple of shots from you know far range I mean fair enough confidence aside it’s good to see uh but we really needed that second goal today and obviously that shows with the result um I think he sort of struggled in the second half a little bit to get a good cross in the Box I’m gonna give him six and a half uh no seven seven I’m gonna set I’m gonna go seven he got the goal good finish um and yeah nothing special compared to Saturday yeah yeah I agree uh Rawlinson um does fairly well um playing right so I don’t know about today wasn’t he like he was against Torquay it’s difficult because I think the defense we got out today weren’t they so for me I’m gonna say today Rawlinson six six and a half I think [Music] um not as good as the weekend we give a lot of a lot of opportunities I think in attack we were okay I think we’re okay and it was just one of those days as I said on the video Matt one of those days where we just couldn’t take our chances hit the water with three times great saves one-on-ones missed so talking wise we should have been out of sight defensive wise first time this season I’ve been nervous non-stop I said to will the cohesion today was awful wasn’t it yeah it wasn’t there yeah I’m gonna go six and a half then yeah um we’ll go to Baldwin then now this is this is a difficult one I think because first half they they go for on goal so open comes out they just the player tips the ball over slogan I think it was cheek actually and then Baldwin pretty much saves it it’s as good as a goal you know the cliche um so he does that which is fantastic defending it doesn’t get better in terms of Defending doing something like that it’s game changing um but then in the second half I just thought he had a few mistakes in there that he’s passing he was slow to build it up um when he was receiving the ball um took an absolute age when Michael sheet was on his shoulder two or three times to do anything and they nearly got him from it um saying that he did make a couple of good challenges but for me I’m giving him a six um although I gave him massive amounts of Praise after talking game I did say this before the game to you that I think Britney should have started and I was justified within sort of 10 20 minutes of the game they’ll put them all over the top and I figured brinley’s piece yeah we nullify that straight away it doesn’t happen we play Baldwin we’re honest in a Cameron who are not slow but they’re not the quickest brindley’s there that that doesn’t happen in my opinion so he he shouldn’t have started he also has just played 180 minutes well with this you know near another time near enough 200 minutes of football after coming back from a month and a half out so I think I I personally think Britney should have started anyway yeah no I agree I’m gonna give him a six and a half uh the half on top of the six I do is because of that block yeah yeah uh we will go for the captain then Carl Cameron driving them all out defense well being a game like that whether it’s Cameron or whether it’s someone else Cameron gets more of the Limelight on him because he’s obviously the captain but I’m speaking to Richard in front of us I speak to quite a lot during the game he said he put it there someone needs to take that game basketball for the net and someone needed to be in arguing it was lying stuff arguing all the time someone with a bit more presence the captain needs to be in there saying look stop this messing about they’re going down every opportunity gold keeps having a drink picking the ball up for goalkeep walking to the other side having another drink it’s ridiculous I need someone needed to go in there and and stake a claim and the reference just listening to them because there was no pressure on him yeah yeah I agree six and a half I’ll give him the six um low scores for the defense today but I think they were they were got out a lot wasn’t they yeah um now they’re in the Midfield stop by driving yeah I’m very off color today very very off color a few straight passers which is very unlike him um I don’t know if you saw from the corner and Warren Brownie’s corner is about 25 minutes and he was stretching his hamstring yeah I mean that that could be maybe a little niggle that he’s got maybe it could be I’m not sure um but yeah not not his usual self um and you know I I regard him very highly he’s one of my favorite players at Knox but today he just he just wasn’t at it um he links up well down that right hand side though doesn’t he with no mean I think six yeah there’s a yard off everything today not as not his usual Destroyer so yeah six yeah uh Matty Palmer then for me the better of the two today [Music] um he had a really good game yeah he had a few bursts in that first half that were really good created a few chances I’m gonna give Mighty Palmer a six and a half it’s hard between six North and seven he tried to make things happen I’m gonna I’m gonna go six and a half though as well I mean it wasn’t vintage Mighty palmer but at the same time if you’re Midfield Partners having a bit of an off-color day you’re going to struggle yeah I was living off scraps in the Midfield there were there were sections mainly when Castro came on not Castro’s fault because you’re going more attacking that was massive gaps massive guards and if they wanted to counter rather than sit on that that one one they could have done yeah um we’ll go for Reuben as well created loads yeah I thought we were good I forget seven and a half I’m gonna give him a seven I thought he was really good like say created loads assist you know he has a great shot in the first half that I think it hit the post didn’t it I’ll be as far as they keep it yeah really unlucky it was a really good effort um yeah he’s had a he’s had a good game hasn’t he it’s Reuben um we’ll go we’ll tell you what go say one thing about Ruben driving force yeah the only player constantly driving us forward there’s a when he hits the post the guy swipes at him absolutely swipes him it’s cynical ref just doesn’t even give a yellow yeah reference are shocking today but we can’t keep doing on it what’d you give him uh I guess seven and a half seven seven Scott I thought he was good I don’t like seeing keep coming off I don’t we were saying this he keeps coming off doesn’t he uh he’s the first one really to get hooked um when it comes to sobs but I thought he was good you know he had some really good uh chances in the first half yeah it was really good um doing the dirty work again today as I was talking about against Torquay uh I’m gonna I’m gonna give Scott a seven I’m gonna go seven as well I agree I thought I thought I I don’t know why he keeps coming off it’s the same time every game roughly he does so much work his first touch is really good for me hits the post I’m lucky enough to score but I think he’s quite good so seven yeah we’re agreed on that one then uh Lang staff it’s difficult he’s out he’s had two really good opportunities you know the hit when he’s rifled the ball and smashed off the ball he’s a fantastic shot it is a great effort and the one-on-one the angle is a bit tight but I back him to score one of those I would but it’s one of those where you’ve had so much time to think about it’s almost difficult yeah but then we saw him score one of them at York yeah uh and you’re playing to keep this up in the world here what I will say though is getting in the right positions he’s always receiving the ball in the right time and it’s not like he’s miles off it is he he’s hit the post it’s shunned Over the Bar in the first half seven uh yeah I’m gonna go seven and a half because I think the positions that he picks up are fantastic and we’ve we’ve not seen it for a long long time admittedly so we’ve got a gotta cherisher aren’t we Tom yeah uh we’ll go on to the subs then Castro uh I was really hoping he scored that free kick yeah it’s hard for him he came on when the game stopped for about 10 minutes with people going down injured uh he adds a bit of height up there because when we go along langstaff loses it every time and we’re reliant on a midfielder picking up the second ball um six and a half yeah I’m gonna give him a six ride yeah he did well he made a little bit of an impact didn’t he um and the last sub if I’m correct was Brinley um you know he brings that injection to pay straight away didn’t he I think we were calling from a bit earlier yeah it should have started probably I’d go seven and a half when he came on they once came on they had nothing they didn’t have a chance really yeah he and there was a ball through and he swept it up yeah before he came on that ball was going out to the wing and they were getting crosses in but he stopped that ball yeah uh I’ll give him a six and a half I don’t think he was on long enough to Warrant much more than that but that wraps it up yeah we draw tonight but we’re still top of the league unbeaten we have a break this weekend which I think comes at a good time with a performance like we’ve seen tonight you know we’ll regroup and hopefully we’ll see it better after that break but thanks for watching guys please like the video comment what you thought and don’t forget to subscribe subscribe to the channel

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