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Notts County vs Wrexham 3-2


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Nottingham football club Notts County Vs Wrexham highlights 3-2

Notts County vs Wrexham #football #nottingham

afternoon that afternoon everyone so the day has finally come a key date in a Titanic struggle a title race for the ages and it could hardly be better poised white here is chickson Lang staff waits in the middle rodrigue gets on the edge of the Box Bostock with a chance to cross O’Connell got something on it and O’Brien was there Mandy will get to this he’s got Mullin arriving in the Box Jones is in there too it’s towards Mullin the referee had a very good view of that Palmer is leading the protests toza [Applause] volleyball Chase but out comes Slocum that has a heart in mouth moment wasn’t it [Applause] really slogan came out and tells Mullen to get to his feet [Applause] the main again landstaff and Bostock [Music] chicks and all in the Box Rodriguez what’s it here to Cameron and look to place one it’s a good effort and it’ll be a corner store it’s absolutely brilliant Sensational strike to give Knox County the lead in the biggest game of the season this is Canon again Mullins on the move Jones [Music] have continued his run he was right to do so [Applause] there’s the ransom reactions and it’s their go-to man for girls Paul Mullen thank you by Robbie he’s lost into Jones this could spell danger Mullen hits it early [Music] could be the target for this plenty of other wrecks and plays in there smoking with the punch Elliott Lee Barnett with the ball in oh come along a bit of frustration that maybe he’s not played more this season but great ball for Mullen Palmer’s arriving in the box and here’s Mendy race they turned it all around [Applause] Canon came under pressure from Rodriguez and then he slips Austin Rodriguez Palmer Cameron’s a long way forwards and he goes on oh great ball over and Langston couldn’t quiet the touch brilliant play from Cameron 9924 the attendance is Austin took a deflection he’ll be a corner Palmer’s fall over cowboy it’s County of leveled it and James goal from Cameron um all square now next summer Club we’ve not won a promotion in 20 years that’s one was the third tier playoffs so he’s got his own pass here oh it’s come here to Mullen this time but not County only have themselves [Applause] absolute gift [Applause] iron the old Mullins got away they can finish it here brilliant safe he’s captain in the game there sloka by Ramesh it’s now or never they’re appealing that not counting he’s given it I think oh I don’t think the Rector fan knows Adam incredible what an end to the game Scots for Notch County [Applause] massive moments in the title race Boston gets the roadway that is sunshine Escape a corner to Revenge [Applause] wrexham take a giant step towards promotion it’s very much dares to lose now [Applause] you haven’t [Music]

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