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Sneinton Market Open Vlog


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Sneinton Market Nottingham Vlog Filipo Films The Products and Cuisine on offer Saturday 10th April 2021

Nottingham Getting Back to Normal!

It was a surreal and pleasant afternoon, with people relaxing in public, unafraid of the consequences, enjoying the moment….living!

I had the pleasure of interacting with the market stall owners and the organisers at

There were many different cuisines available with homemade soaps and intricate designs crafted out of passion in our great City of Nottingham!

Amongst the crowd were young couples and their strollers, students and elderly alike, bathing in the crisp spring afternoon with the promise of summer sun ever reminding us, that 2021 has the potential to bloom and regenerate our morale and our economy!

I love leaving the house without any specific agenda, in terms of what I intend to film, just that I intend to film, what provails is also a nice twist in my journey! I document these random days through the medium of Video Logging or “vlogging”, I simply would like a record for myself of the beautiful things I am able to witness and experience everyday living in the best City in the World, Nottingham!

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