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“folks i’m here at Wok & Go in the city of nottingham very very busy here in nottingham on the thursday so see what we’ve got in it and walk and go you’ve got the classics you’ve got the vegan you’ve got street food sides let’s go and have a look see what they’ve got folks hey foreign [Music] right folks forgot me lines um i have you have seen for if this is all edited right and i get it all correct um i have come to a place in nottingham called walk and go i think they’re playing on the wash and go or walking whatever they’re playing on words and i like that i like the play on words playing with words changing things around double meanings love it love it um now no doubt there’ll be a few i can see you now now no doubt there’ll be a few of you out there going he’s eating again he’s eating this again he’s eating that try eating healthy blah blah off nobody’s gonna watch me eat a plate of vegetables i tried that i did a lovely big bowl in fact all those that moan about me eating this go back and watch uh where i prepared a big bowl of carrots and sweet and celery and pickled onions and radishes and all the healthy stuff go back and watch that and then when you want to watch it something else like that watch the again right but mainly people want to see you eating food oh my battery’s flashing for sake i knew it was gonna do that i knew i knew it was gonna do that and i mean do you actually think that’s all i eat do you only really think i go out and i eat fast food all the time really do you think that that’s all i do i just go out and have kfc mcdonald’s chinese indian pizzas kebabs do you think that’s all i and yes i’m a fat yes i’m a fat i know that but i don’t just eat that all the while i don’t just sit there and say june are we having another takeaway tonight no we have actually proper food at home you have seen some of our cooking videos we actually eat proper food at home yeah right so what i’ve done i’ve been to walk and go um they do uh chinese food size of that that i should have me scales i should have you know it’ll bloody kill me right um have to give me that lemonade is it since when does an orange been lemonade oh it’s a citrus oh not citrus oh you gave mark down for that one already i ordered seven up because one i ordered a seven up did i order seven up i said seven up i said i won a lemonade oh it’s getting me out so that’s what oh sake okay nevermind it happens plays a tune bit like uh tom o’connor back in the day name that tuned now i had one of these the other day at a place um was it the motorway in leicester uh such as such like that or in it let me put that on there i’ll tell you what that’s that that’s that heavy it might break me bloody little train so i had the uh large classic box one hot box um you can’t beat a hot box so it’s just noodles uh i don’t think anybody we’ve used noodles and stuff on uh youtube i think it’s i’m the very first person to review noodles let’s uh let’s talk in mmm oh that has got a bit of oh look broccoli hmm oh worth it’s nice it has got some heat to it my head on the sweat ometer i’ve only had a mouthful and a bit of broccoli and i’m sweating this is up hmm it’s got bits of carrot onion spatula broccoli um pork loads of so because it’s got broccoli and carrots and stuff in it is that healthy please put your comments down below um you know what this needs now i should be eating this at home with my perfect draft because it’s oktoberfest and if you go on to the uh beerhort website you can get the bundle right and using the code perfect bvm you get pound off oh this is good this is really this is fabulous now i’ve looked into walk and go and apparently there’s quite a few of the little restaurants all over the country so please let me know what your walk and go is like we’ve got who the house that we’re getting demonetised this has got the right amount of spice yes it’s hot but yes or no or yes or whatever it’s not too hot that you can’t enjoy it it might sting on the way out now the uh one large classic box it cost eight pound nineteen um i was gonna say that is quite pricey but for the amount you get in it and the quality of the food that’s in there i’d say it’s about right um it’s very it really is good vera very good now i’m gonna put that down for a second i’m gonna have a swig on me i’ll be lemonade is it funny how i can eat i can drink that but when it’s beer it’s just not on right so what else i had was the uh panko prawns um these cost me four pound forte uh you get four four pound forty for panko prawns um i think that’s i think that’s taking the piss just a little bit um they’re all right they’re not the best to have they’re not the best but they’re certainly not worth one pound ten and a bit for prawns gergent one pound it was about one pound two point one pound ten twelve point eight whatever it is i won’t be having them again i don’t mind i know prawns are expensive i know things going up because of the pandemic and we can’t get a lorry driver to deliver four prawns well that is taking the piss a little bit that it is so walk and go although your prawns are very nice they’re not they’re not that nice now i’ve also had the chicken wings now the chicken wings have cost me five pound thirty now a few weeks ago i went and uh to a place in loughborough i ordered some chicken wings and i didn’t get the chicken wings um i did make sure i got the chicken wings this time now i’ve got one two i’ll eat them first and then but that’s what it is uh for the visually impaired it’s a chicken wing covered in spice and breadcrumbs and all that kind of stuff let’s talk in part three i didn’t say part two did i now they’re good once again five pound thirty nice i’ve never got four chicken wings no no yes very nice but not about one pound fifty a wing you’re checking the piss you are taking the piss my bottle drink will one pound . that’s right so i think what they should do is call it wok and go back to the bank and get some more money but they are nice i suppose you know what sometimes you’re out and about it yeah and i’m quibbling i would have put these down as four pound or something i’m quibbling over pence but it’s it’s what you’re thinking it’s you want you want value for money and although these are nice i just don’t think the five pound worked nice i know you got to pay your staff i know the bloody notre dame council’s probably put up the tax and the everything oh it’s just a pain in the arson at this world and i suppose they’ve got to make a living though [Music] do you know what i’m trying to say folks the times are getting hard time’s getting old people are struggling and it seems that we’re all don’t know we’re having to pay for everything with us i don’t know um in the actual restaurant in the actual restaurant there’s a sit down but as you’ve seen if i’ve edited this right and it’s takeaway obviously also i’ll be sitting here in my van they do do a vegetarian option um but i thought no sorry i want to get me because the way the world is going with the co shortage or whatever it is short um and the media trying to show us that there is no shelves of meat in the supermarket i went uh shot yesterday there were loads of meat loads of it you opened the papers up this morning there’s like blokes and women standing there looking at empty shelves of where the beat used to be excuse me scaremongering them scam until it actually happens then report it don’t go my cord and all that [Music] media all it is is click bait click bait for this and if you have to use a thing if they’ve used words like might could possibly and all that then it should be allowed in the paper hmm to be fair they are nice i’m impressed i’m really impressed let’s start this is finished slow game i’m impressed i’m impressed with this i mean this is going to take you a while i’m not going to eat all this on camera folks because it’s just going to be ridiculous but that is really really good that is the best thing and i think it is worth eight pound nine ten besides no nice bits of pork in it oh what’s that what’s up it there oh it’s got beef in it beef and pork fabulous absolutely fabulous i’ve got around me gob look at that is that teriyaki when he a wrestler alice is gorgeous really really good stuff well done um to the people in walk and go me that rock i can’t eat that that’s too hot and i don’t mean hot as in spicy hot but hot as him just too bloody out to eat temperature wise right i did treat me i did treat myself to a fortune cookie tiger tiger fortune cookie stuck in my teeth so [Music] let’s see what my fortune will be i tell you what my fortune’s gonna be my teeth are gonna be full of this stuff right here we go so oh it looks like they forgot to put that one in didn’t they right opportunities surround you if you know where to look what do you mean opportunities surround you if you know where to look well if the surrounding lock anywhere have i a stupid bloody statement that is but drawing it oh i’ve eaten that baguette bloody great the other day me i think they’ve been left on the bloody counter since before panademic as charlie mullins say hmm there we go thumbnail tell you what this is nice and it was good because there was a bloke went in with a guide dog and um very helpful to the bloke with the guide dog this is fabulous how many now want chinese food after watching me eat this put comments down below say dave your bastard i want a chinese really good right i might check that back for ginge i don’t want all the people calling me fat and eating this again do i upsetting them right folks so absolutely brilliant that were i was well impressed with that um really was good really really good nice wholesome food as i’ve said before i think the um the uh sides a little bit expensive for what they are and yeah all right so uh well done to the lads in walk and go um the staff if the management gets to see this they were working hard they were doing a fantastic job the restaurant were nice and clean so to them the management to walk and go you charge too much for your sides laters”

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