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Walking In Nottingham Vinyl Shops Vlog


walking in nottingham vinyl shops vlog n IdvDuwSY
Nottingham Hidden Record Shops Stores Vinyl Vlog West End Arcade Streets

hello everybody this is beatle dave reporting for youtube today we’re in nottingham in west end arcade I’m going to show you some record shops uh I don’t think we’re going to be able to actually film inside the record shop so we just got to walk past him at the minute show you what sort of records there is so if you have in nottingham check out west end arcade because there are some really good record shops now um these stairs here this used to be an escalator years ago and apparently somebody got trapped in a lot of the toes or something [Music] so like I say west end arcade I think there’s three or four record shops in there at the minute so the one that we looked at upstairs was um the music in then you’ve got this one here which is record 33 records and then there’s that one there big apple records so we’re gonna go in and buy some stuff and then we’ll show you what we’ll buy when we’ve been in it foreign okay [Music] [Music] stay safe everybody

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