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Convicted Drug Dealer Avoids Jail for Hit & Run


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The government must take decisive action to address these issues. Stricter sentencing guidelines, more robust enforcement of immigration laws, and increased support for law enforcement are critical steps that must be taken. Only then can we begin to rebuild a justice system that truly protects and serves its citizens.


In a glaring example of Britain’s broken justice system, Jermaine Moran, a 35-year-old convicted drug dealer, has walked free despite causing a devastating accident that left a Rolls-Royce worker with a shattered kneecap. The collision, which occurred on Harvey Road in Derby, has sparked outrage among those who believe the criminal justice system is failing to adequately punish offenders and protect law-abiding citizens.

The Incident

On the evening of October 17, 2022, Moran was driving a Ford Fiesta on Derby’s ring road without insurance or a valid license. In a reckless and careless maneuver, he turned into Neilson Street and collided head-on with a motorcyclist who was returning home after his shift at Rolls-Royce. The victim was thrown into the air upon impact, and his kneecap was shattered when he landed.

The motorcyclist was rushed to the Queen’s Medical Centre, where he underwent surgery for his knee and additional stitches for a leg wound. His recovery was long and arduous, requiring him to use a walking frame during his initial days post-surgery. As a result of this traumatic incident, the victim had to turn down a higher-paying job at the University of Nottingham and saw his hobbies and voluntary work severely impacted.

Judicial Laxity

Despite the severe consequences of his actions and his criminal history, which includes multiple driving offenses and a prior four-year sentence for drug dealing, Moran received a mere nine-month jail sentence, suspended for 15 months. Judge Shaun Smith KC, in delivering the sentence, acknowledged the severe impact on the victim but chose to spare Moran immediate imprisonment. Instead, Moran was ordered to complete 160 hours of unpaid work, attend a 31-day accredited program, and 15 rehabilitation sessions, alongside a one-year driving ban.

This leniency is particularly alarming given Moran’s past. In 2009, he was jailed for four years for drug dealing offenses committed as a teenager. His criminal record is a testament to his disregard for the law, yet the justice system has once again failed to impose a meaningful punishment.

The Bigger Picture

This incident is a microcosm of a broader issue plaguing the UK. With prison overcrowding reaching critical levels, courts are increasingly reluctant to impose custodial sentences, even for serious offenses. This reluctance is not only endangering public safety but also eroding public trust in the justice system. Moran’s case highlights how the system prioritizes managing prison populations over delivering justice.

Sentencing is a Literal Joke, a mocking of the victims.

From a conservative viewpoint, the leniency shown towards repeat offenders like Moran is symptomatic of a justice system in disarray. Nottingham, and indeed the entire UK, is witnessing a surge in crime partly fueled by the influx of illegal immigrants. With an estimated 700,000 illegal immigrants entering the country, resources are stretched thin, exacerbating issues of law enforcement and public safety.

The connection between illegal immigration and rising crime rates cannot be ignored. Many of these individuals enter the country without proper documentation and engage in illegal activities to survive. This influx strains an already overburdened system, making it even harder to ensure that justice is served.

Illegal Immigration and its Broader Impact

Housing Crisis

The influx of illegal immigrants significantly exacerbates the housing crisis. With more people entering the country than the housing market can accommodate, the demand for affordable housing skyrockets. This drives up rent prices and makes it increasingly difficult for British citizens to find suitable housing. Illegal immigrants often end up in overcrowded and substandard housing conditions, further stressing the limited housing resources.

Strain on Social Services

Illegal immigration places an enormous burden on social services. Healthcare, education, and welfare systems are already stretched thin, and the addition of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants only exacerbates these issues. Hospitals face increased pressure with more patients to care for, often without additional funding. Schools are overcrowded, impacting the quality of education for all children. Welfare systems are strained as more people seek assistance, often without contributing to the tax base that funds these services.

Impact on the Local Economy

The local economy also suffers due to illegal immigration. Many illegal immigrants work in the black market, accepting lower wages and poor working conditions because they lack legal protection. This not only exploits the immigrants but also drives down wages for all workers and undermines legitimate businesses that follow the law. Additionally, illegal businesses often engage in money laundering, further destabilizing the local economy and fostering an environment where criminal activities can thrive.

Public Outcry

Residents of Nottingham and the broader UK community are rightfully outraged. The lack of stringent sentencing not only undermines the rule of law but also emboldens criminals. The case of Jermaine Moran is a stark reminder of the urgent need for reform. The justice system must prioritize the safety and rights of victims over the leniency afforded to offenders.

The victim’s life has been irreparably altered, and yet, Moran walks free. This disparity highlights a system that is failing its citizens. It is unacceptable that a convicted drug dealer with multiple driving offenses can escape jail time after causing such severe harm.

How Come Nobody Goes to Jail in Britain?

Britain’s justice system is at a crossroads. The failure to adequately punish offenders like Moran sends a dangerous message to criminals and leaves law-abiding citizens vulnerable. As Nottingham grapples with the consequences of lenient sentencing and the pressures of illegal immigration, it is clear that substantial reforms are necessary to restore faith in the rule of law and ensure true justice is served.

The government must take decisive action to address these issues. Stricter sentencing guidelines, more robust enforcement of immigration laws, and increased support for law enforcement are critical steps that must be taken. Only then can we begin to rebuild a justice system that truly protects and serves its citizens.

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