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What is it like living in Nottingham?

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  • Uni Student Vlog Diary

    A craving for banana cake leads me to the kitchen, where I whip up a batch of sweet goodness.

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    Costs of Immigration: Unspoken Crisis

    An opinion article looking into the effects of immigration illegal refugees and public opinon and judgements turning to resentment

  • Delivery Driving Job to Nottingham Vlog

    If you enjoyed the content like comment and subscribe for more videos, new videos are released 7 pm Monday to Friday If you have any questions feel free to comment, and I will get back to as many as I can Thank you for watching ____________________________________________ Want to support the channel? become a member today.…


    In the electrifying clash between Nottingham Forest and Tottenham, emotions ran high as fans anticipated an exhilarating game.

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    the Neglect of accountability in Lawless City

    In recent times, our cities have become battlegrounds for lawlessness, with fatherless youths running rampant and wreaking havoc on our streets. Amidst this chaos, one cannot help but observe the glaring failures of woke culture and the soft-handed approach to policing and community agendas. It is high time we confront these issues head-on and restore…

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    A Critical Examination of Youth Violence and Media Priorities.

    In the bustling streets of Nottingham, a city once celebrated for its vibrancy and community spirit, a troubling narrative unfolds—one dominated not by the richness of cultural diversity or the resilience of its citizens, but by the shadows of unchecked violence and the distortions of media sensationalism. Along the once-thriving Lincoln Street, shopkeepers recount harrowing…

  • Forest Points Podcast Financial Expert

    Today, we’re delving into the recent turmoil surrounding Forest during this unexpected midweek episode. Forest received a four-point deduction last week due to a breach in Premier League financial rules. To break down this complex situation, we’re fortunate to have Robert Mateski, a financial expert and member of the Nottingham Forest Supporters Trust, with us…

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    Machete Zombie Knife Crisis Nottingham

    In the heart of Nottingham, a chilling specter haunts the streets, casting a shadow of fear and despair upon its citizens. The recent incident involving machete-wielding teenagers, met with shock and horror by the public, serves as a stark reminder of the city’s escalating knife crime crisis. Yet, amidst the chaos and carnage, a troubling…