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Birthday Christmas Nottingham night out #vlog


nottingham vlog


A Vlog of Nottingham Night Out , including a trip over to the Crowne Plaza Nottingham then onto the Royal theatre to watch the Panto “O yes we did” then finish off with the winter wonderland

#vlog #nottingham #nightlife

[Music] road trip road trip yeah where are we going Nottingham Nottingham yeah if we go in there pantomime yeah so we’re off to uh well first of Crowne Plaza in Nottingham and then the pantomime and why are we doing all this because it’s it’s not tomorrow 21 again and again and again push back it was interesting it’s only one plus interest yeah yeah okay well we better get going then absolutely but on days don’t wait for anybody the night [Music] hello hello we’re here we’re here let’s read there you go look at that it’s a bit posher than the last place we stayed there that’s that horrible flea bitten place in skegness and of course gotta do the first swings first bathroom I need a shower so I stink hello there you go so we are in the Crowne Plaza in Nottingham hey we’re gonna see squeaky later we are going to see squeaky yeah I’ve always known as Joe Pasquale who apparently um is residing here he is so we may see him in the bar later be nice it would be nice we could tell him he was quite good oh no he wasn’t all right let’s get to him sword what you got there Dave the door and said somebody ordered Prosecco oh thank you thanks [Music] [Laughter] yeah so um yeah we’ve got those complimentary tickets we’re a little um lubricated already oh no we’re not well [Laughter] no it’s not behind it’s behind you cheers that’s behind you it is behind you look look the heating controls should we go then let’s go let’s go bye say bye bye oh yeah you’re there for the petrol we’re in the theater Royal look at this lovely theater I’m gonna watch that person over there not not the one in front of the poster the actual guy in the poster Mr Pasquale [Music] hello [Applause] [Music] thank you [Music] oh it’s gonna be cold [Applause] hilarious hilarious yeah oh there was a script apparently yeah I didn’t stay on it though the script was kind of put to the side and I think you’re worried up ignored all right let’s go and see the winter wonderland [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] death we went there three years ago we did go in there three years ago it’s all closed up we’re late [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] oh sorry it’s your birthday [Music] we’ve had a nice weekend away going on now um yeah you see the boy in the pooch yeah and open some presses yep exciting stop pointing that camera at me okay I’ll pause it oh never be decent we can have a quick look outside showing the punters what you can see at the Crown Plaza there you go rock city I have to go there one day definitely there’s Nottingham bird’s eye view [Music]

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