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  • Notts County vs Bromley Vlog

    foreign talk play ratings as we have just drawn 1-1 with Bromley at home a frustrating evening wasn’t it they really did frustrate us at the end of the game um players going down if the wind blew them a little bit too hard and the ref pretty much giving them the run-of-the-mill wasn’t he […]


  • Walking Canal Nottingham vlog

    hello everybody we have just cleared out of the court I decided to not not wait for the uh full full proceedings today I did get the opportunity to speak to Alex briefly outside Court to see how he was he seemed in good spirits um asking for a comment but he very politely declined […]


  • Nottingham #audit Police Vlog

    all righty we are now here still in nottingham at oxford lane police station i haven’t seen any police vehicles around so i don’t know if it’s very busy station or not so they have the nottingham constabulary flag and the union flag and an empty flagpole already being watched by one person out of […]


  • Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2022 #beer

    jagman shane liam somewhere around who is it and i’m behind the camera navigation brewery craig chief brewer mr craft beer basic pomona island siren craft look at their beers blue [Music] [Music] let’s miss distillery [Music] yeah black irish brewery [Music] [Applause] good morning sam sorry hi spoon [Music] back to emperor’s brewery again […]


  • Nottingham Audit Police Vlog Argument

    [Music] but yeah it is a sunday a bit later in the afternoon so it’s not going to be open but i thought it’d be quite interesting to you know show what this place is i said it is a forensic center and it lasted directly across the road from the police station and then […]