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Bizarre Crime Spree: The Strange Case of Scott Goulding



Scott Goulding’s escapades in Mansfield, England, left locals bewildered and authorities scrambling for answers. It all began with a late-night break-in at a McDonald’s, where CCTV footage captured Goulding smashing through a window at 1:20 am, only to emerge moments later with a bag full of fast food.

But that was just the beginning. Two days later, emergency services rushed to Shireoaks Court following reports of a fire engulfing one of the flats. Residents were forced to flee, one woman even resorting to jumping out of a window to safety. Amongst the chaos, Goulding was found outside the building, his actions shrouded in mystery.

As the investigation unfolded, a perplexing pattern emerged. Goulding’s erratic behavior continued as he admitted to setting fire to his own flat, moments after apologizing to startled neighbors. Evidence pointed to a deliberate act, with a Christmas tree, mattress, and tables stacked as fuel for the blaze.

Authorities, piecing together the puzzle, linked Goulding to both incidents, leading to his sentencing to three years and four months in prison for burglary and arson. The bizarre tale of Scott Goulding serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of crime and the resilience of those affected by it.

Man Jailed for Bizarre Crime Spree: Setting Fire to His Own Flat and Burglarizing McDonald’s

Courtesy Of Nottingham Police Department
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