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  • Nottingham City Council Decides on Broadmarsh Development Future

    Several advisory groups have been working on plans to regenerate the Broadmarsh area for the past two years. This includes the Nottingham Green Quarter proposal, which has gained substantial interest. The Nottingham Green Quarter proposed that the area be developed with a mix of nature and eco housing. It also included a central green space. […]


  • Christmas Discounts in Nottingham For School Holidays

    During the Christmas season, Nottingham has plenty of festive fun and games to keep the kids entertained. Whether you are looking to try some festive skating, or you want to visit Santa, there are a variety of things to see and do in the city. These events are free to attend, but tickets must be […]


  • Is Nottingham the Poorest City?

    foreign [Music] poorest cities in the UK Nottingham oh my Nottingham so we wish to exclaim alas salvos being fired from both sides of the Divide hasn’t given us a cause for exaltation in Nottingham can you count the number of times Nottingham has been named the poorest city in the UK within seven years […]


  • Nottingham Red Light District Exposed

    residents of a neighborhood in Nottinghamshire have said that they’re scared to leave their homes due to an influx of sex workers in the area people in height and green have even complained prostitutes have sex up against their homes so could this problem be a symptom of prostitution being forced underground or indeed up […]


  • Alex Belfield Red Letter Day from Prison

    Red Letter Day for Alex Belfield hey everyone I don’t normally do lives but I wanted to do something very quickly as it’s Friday and it’s easier just for me to jump on and do this rather than um do a a whole film and edit it and upload it so I’ve just jumped on […]


  • Lockdown Scandal Pfizer Proof

    why is it that every time it seems like we’re about to have a breakthrough on holding politicians to account over covid some huge political news comes along and redirects your attention this week we heard fisa executive Jay Small on record saying they never tested the Pfizer jab for transmissibility now fisa were never […]


  • #Lawless #Nottingham City Center is not Safe

    With the recent stabbings, unprovoked attacks, some ending in death, we have to ask ? Is Nottingham Safe at night? I would say, based on my experiences over the last few years, it is the most dangerous city center in the UK, if not Europe! We do not feel so sure about the supposed progress […]