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  • stanns nottingham

    Nottingham Knife Crime Epidemic: Unmasking False Community Leaders

    As Nottingham grapples with an alarming surge in knife crime, a darker underbelly of the issue comes to light – the presence of corrupt charities and false businesses that prey on vulnerable individuals. These entities, operating under the guise of providing support and shelter, often perpetuate violence, drug dealing, and exploitation. This article delves into…


  • nottingham city centre crime

    Reality Check on Nottingham Safety in the City Centre.

    We have seen so much change in the social fabric and demographics of our city, leading to new sub cultures and trends, not all of them great… in fact quite a lot of bad.. Rudeness, I have often felt uneasy watching an old white lady, struggling down a busy high street and watching the ruthless…


  • goose fair nottingham

    Nottingham goose Fair 2023

    Nestled within Nottingham’s historic streets, where tales of Robin Hood and the echoes of centuries-old traditions abound, there exists a cherished annual tradition that has been enchanting generations – the iconic Goose Fair. Join us as we embark on a journey through time and culture, exploring the deep-rooted history, meeting notable figures, indulging in mouthwatering…


  • nottingham murder

    Jamie Barrow: Man who Murdered Family Jailed for at Least 44 Years

    In a shocking and tragic incident, a man named Jamie Barrow has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the callous and malicious murder of a mother and her two young daughters. The horrifying crime, which is still fresh in the hearts and minds of the Local Community, with no proportionally rational reason by any standards,…


  • nottingham stabbing

    Brutal Stabbings in Nottingham: Time for Action

    The Nottingham community is reeling from the devastating news of a life lost in a recent incident that has sent shockwaves throughout the city. As we come to terms with these frequently occurring, heart-wrenching tragedies, it is imperative that we unite as a community and take decisive action to ensure the safety and security of…


  • nottingham valdo stabbing latest attack

    Nottingham Murder Stabbing and Public Safety Reality Check.

    The recent tragic reminder of the price of living with no laws to protect yourself in the UK! The most recent event in which Ian Coates, Grace Kumar and her fellow student Barnaby Webber were all fatally stabbed multiple times “from head to toe” in the streets of Nottingham, by an armed and determined killer,…


  • Sam taylor World Record Nottingham guiness

    Nottingham Deadlift Guiness World Records

    The Nottingham Motorpoint Arena, known for hosting various events, concerts, and exhibitions, has etched its name in history by setting a new Guinness World Record for a phenomenal 1000lbs lift. This remarkable feat has garnered international attention and solidifies Nottingham’s place in the realm of extraordinary accomplishments. On a thrilling day that captivated fitness enthusiasts…


  • nottingham driverless taxi university image cover

    Nottingham driverless Taxi Innovation

    Nottingham University’s Groundbreaking Driverless Taxi Technology Study: Revolutionizing Urban Transportation Welcome to the exciting world of transportation innovation! In Nottingham University, an exceptional team of researchers and engineers is making waves with their groundbreaking driverless taxi technology study. This cutting-edge research is poised to transform urban transportation, benefiting commuters, the environment, and the overall efficiency…