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    In the electrifying clash between Nottingham Forest and Tottenham, emotions ran high as fans anticipated an exhilarating game.


  • Student Life Video Vlog #uon #ntu

    Student Life Video Vlog #uon #ntu

    Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! Today, I’m thrilled to take you along on my journey through the offer holder open day at the University of Nottingham back in October. As you may know, I’ve applied to university, and I’m incredibly grateful to have received a conditional offer from Nottingham to pursue psychology with…


  • Returning to Vlogging: A Week in My Life

    Returning to Vlogging: A Week in My Life

    In a world where social media has become the norm, vlogging has grown from a hobby to a lifestyle for many. Nana, a seasoned vlogger, recently returned to the vlogging game after a hiatus, offering her audience a glimpse into her daily life. Through a detailed transcript of her recent video, let’s delve into Nana’s…


  • Nottingham 10k Run Vlog

    Nottingham 10k Run Vlog

    Guess what, folks? It’s race day! And boy, are we geared up with the essentials: coffee, check! Yeah, baby! Flat whites and carbs? Absolutely! After all, we’ve got an hour and a half journey ahead, so let’s hit the road! Well, good morning and a hearty welcome to Nottingham! We’ve got quite the squad assembled,…


  • Nottingham #Immigration Housing #Vlog

    Nottingham #Immigration Housing #Vlog

    In a candid exchange captured in the trenches of societal discord, two voices emerge, echoing sentiments that often remain shrouded in the shadows of political correctness. Their dialogue, raw and unfiltered, sheds light on the murky waters of mass immigration and the subtle manipulation of truths that permeate our collective consciousness. “Zimbabwe is a valid…


  • Immigration Housing Crisis

    Immigration Housing Crisis

    In Nottingham, as in many cities across the UK, the issue of mass immigration has become intertwined with discussions surrounding housing dynamics, particularly concerning rental prices and social housing accommodation. From a conservative standpoint, it is crucial to address the adverse effects that unchecked immigration can have on these critical aspects of society. One of…




    Hey, hey, hey! It’s Martha here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. To all my subscribers, a big welcome back and a heartfelt thank you. And if you’ve just stumbled upon this video, you’re equally welcome! Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button – let’s become a family. Today’s video is an exciting vlog…


  • Nottingham and arcade and shops Vlog

    Nottingham and arcade and shops Vlog

    Welcome back to Bradley Don Wondra 30. Today, I find myself in Nottingham, exploring the vibrant city center. Joining me on this adventure is none other than “the weekend.” Now, let’s dive into the Nottingham Center vlog, where I’ll walk you through our exciting day. Our journey begins with a comical moment as we pretend…