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Jamie Barrow: Man who Murdered Family Jailed for at Least 44 Years


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This article summarises the details of the case, the trial, and the aftermath, shedding light on the impact it had on the victims’ family and the community.

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In a shocking and tragic incident, a man named Jamie Barrow has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the callous and malicious murder of a mother and her two young daughters. The horrifying crime, which is still fresh in the hearts and minds of the Local Community, with no proportionally rational reason by any standards, the explanation from the cowardly killer, makes no sense, after being seen on camera footage, speaking with the police, it does leave us at Notts.Online perplexed that his motives are barely even being discussed in the media, or cannot be proven.. Thankfully an Honourable Judge delivered the sentencing dismissing his pathetic empty desperate pleas for forgiveness, he was therefore found guilty of setting fire to the flat in Clifton, Nottingham. This article delves into the details of the case, the trial, and the aftermath, shedding light on the impact it had on the victims’ family and the community.

The Tragic Incident

On a fateful day in November, Fatoumatta Hydara, aged 28, along with her daughters Fatimah and Naeemah Drammeh, aged three and one respectively, lost their lives in a devastating fire that engulfed their home. The fire was intentionally started by their neighbor, Jamie Barrow, who poured fuel through the letterbox of their flat. The resulting smoke inhalation led to the untimely deaths of the innocent victims.

The Trial and Conviction

Jamie Barrow faced trial for the horrific crime he committed. While he admitted to the manslaughter of the mother and her children, he denied the charge of murder, claiming he believed the flat was unoccupied. However, the court found him guilty of three counts of murder after hearing evidence that suggested Barrow knew the family was inside and even ignored the desperate cries for help from Fatoumatta Hydara.

Sentencing and Judge’s Remarks

At Nottingham Crown Court, Jamie Barrow received a life sentence with a minimum jail term of 44 years. Judge Amanda Tipples, during the sentencing, described the fire Barrow started as a fireball that quickly filled the flat with thick and toxic smoke. She condemned his actions, highlighting that he had watched the fire for five minutes before leaving the scene without rendering any assistance.

Victim Impact Statements

The husband of Fatoumatta Hydara, Aboubacarr Drammeh, addressed the court and expressed the profound impact the loss of his wife and daughters had on him. He described the heart-wrenching scene of seeing his children’s lifeless bodies and the immense grief he experienced. Mr. Drammeh voiced his confusion and anger towards Jamie Barrow, stating that he failed in his responsibility as a father and husband to protect his family.

Defense Claims and Judge’s Response

During the trial, Barrow’s defense team argued that his actions were not pre-meditated and that he was remorseful for what he had done. However, Judge Tipples rejected these claims, emphasizing that Barrow showed no genuine remorse and attempted to downplay his responsibility. The judge praised the courage of the residents who tried to help the victims and acknowledged the efforts of the emergency services.

Commendation for Bravery

Following the devastating incident, nearby residents displayed tremendous bravery by attempting to rescue Fatoumatta Hydara and her daughters. The judge commended their actions, acknowledging their selflessness and quick response during the tragic event. The police, paramedics, and firefighters were also recognized for their prompt arrival at the scene, despite the challenging circumstances.

The Aftermath and Closure

The loss of Fatoumatta Hydara, Fatimah, and Naeemah deeply impacted their family and the community. Their loved ones now have to navigate life without them, while grappling with grief and the absence of justice. The sentencing of Jamie Barrow brings a measure of closure to the family, knowing that he will no longer pose a threat to others.

Police Statement

Detective Chief Inspector Clare Dean from Nottinghamshire Police expressed the profound loss suffered by the Hydara-Drammeh family and condemned the senseless nature of their deaths. The police hope that Jamie Barrow will

find the courage one day to explain his motive for committing such an atrocious crime. Barrow’s actions have shown him to be a very dangerous individual, and his incarceration ensures that he cannot harm anyone else in society.

“While it doesn’t bring back Fatoumatta, Fatimah, and Naeemah,” stated DCI Clare Dean, “we hope that the family finds some solace in knowing that the man responsible for their tragic deaths is behind bars.” The sudden and tragic loss of the Hydara-Drammeh family shattered a kind and compassionate family, leaving a void that can never be filled.

The devastating case of Jamie Barrow, who intentionally set fire to a family’s home, resulting in the deaths of a mother and her two young daughters, serves as a stark reminder of the unimaginable grief caused by such heinous acts. The court’s verdict and subsequent sentencing have provided some measure of justice for the victims and their loved ones.

Community Unity

It is important to reflect on the bravery of the residents who tried to rescue the family and the swift response of the emergency services. Their selfless actions exemplify the strength of community spirit in the face of tragedy.

The scars left by this horrific event will take time to heal, and the Hydara-Drammeh family’s loved ones will forever cherish their memories. May they find strength and support in their journey towards healing and may the souls of Fatoumatta, Fatimah, and Naeemah rest in eternal peace.


  • Q: What was Jamie Barrow’s motive for starting the fire?
  • A: Jamie Barrow’s motive for starting the fire remains unknown. The court did not find his defense of believing the flat to be empty as a valid explanation.
  • Q: How did the community react to the tragic incident?
  • A: The community was deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of the Hydara-Drammeh family. Residents displayed bravery and support during the incident and have continued to offer their condolences and assistance to the family.
  • Q: Will Jamie Barrow be eligible for parole?
  • A: With a minimum jail term of 44 years, Jamie Barrow will not be eligible for parole for a significant period. His release will be determined by the appropriate authorities based on his conduct and rehabilitation.
  • Q: How has the incident affected the husband and father, Aboubacarr Drammeh?
  • A: Aboubacarr Drammeh has expressed immense grief and sorrow over the loss of his wife and daughters. He has emphasized the impact it has had on his life and his determination to move forward despite the profound pain.
  • Q: What measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future?
  • A: Authorities and communities continue to work together to raise awareness about fire safety and provide support to those in vulnerable situations. This tragedy serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and looking out for one another.
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