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foreign in the world both teams are in big trouble as you know away from is not great at all but Spurs form it’s not been great they’ve lost in the cups Chef United lost to East Milan all the space fans want County out big big game for both teams but I’ve got a special guest the man himself one of my YouTube Idols the quick written Expressions is kind of massive favorite for me and did a little minute video for me so people share some love in the comments for my man expressions geez you already know who it is Tottenham have got Nottingham Forest blood a forest in Nottingham and even then I’m not confident we’ll get the win but we’ve been getting turned over week after week after week to the point where I’m not going back until that hey I Italian is out of the club like Tony with a toupee get him out Sam big up door on tour but I’m not gonna lie fam you’re not going to be coming with the Vibes coming with the chance but bro you better be coming with rizzler because you might not gonna get put in a splits blood jeez from I may not be confident about my team but a forest in Nottingham eulog knocked us out the cop blood we owe you Revenge blood you know then we’re there we owe you it’s time we turn you man over we need three points we need to maintain our position in the top four and if we lose this game to you yeah don’t at me blood don’t add me out wolfam big up everyone make sure you subscribe to Door run talk gang business to the world I’m back thank you expressions for coming on my scratch Expressions his link is in the description right I better get on to my travels with Dave clear Jamie and Callum it’s gonna be another good trip there like I said I’ve been there before I’m on the tour I suppose but I cannot wait to see my club National Forest play there if you are new to the Channel please do hit the like button subscribe to my channel I’m on the way to 11k so if you do please any Spurs fan as well hit the description for me as well cool voice let’s go go in London see you there is fun yes what’s the score prediction for today two one two one twice [Music] [Music] hope [Music] [Music] today two two I lose your favorite Forest player I love that up the forest [Music] is [Music] water Stadium water Stadium tonight no surprise I’d like to be in that position yeah come on you are negative two one foreign [Applause] I know you’re getting blurred you’re getting blurred foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] foreign [Applause] foreign it’s been a long time really long time it’s been a crazy start so far 10 minutes still there’s no Forest no but wow shoulder I’m sorry shoulder Blues off no no what do you think so far well we had a moment where we thought we were down then we’re not down so the technical started a little bit better than we did a couple minutes ago where’s down boots so what we can do about this away yeah they’re probably going to be probably going to be periods where we don’t have the ball for a long time exactly I think we’ve got an outlet in Brennan and really do against Derek Dyer so yeah I just hope I’m not tempting Facebook yep we’re still in it all right that was cool oh cool Defender and the man itself came shocking that’s really shock on that oh this is then back to worse this is actually shocking apparently Spurs shocking a second now shock him [Applause] shocking no Midfield keeper I thought I’d say about that absolutely good to see you Ross we’ve got to improve we’ve got to be about the second first off foreign second half we’ve got to improve yeah it’s okay to start a little bit past the second off okay and three hits of forest slightly little Improvement second off but yeah it’s still not great oh we’re gone still supposed to Forest [Music] Dennis you are shocking absolutely shocking Dennis please go for this shock if I’m doing this that’s really shocking go on much better [Applause] playing the game and look what happens it scores that’s it [Applause] what’s wrong [Applause] scored [Music] [Applause] I took it well enough maybe maybe there’s a way back [Applause] and somebody stopped his Vlog thinking it was all over but it’s not there’s still time [Music] oh okay sucking penalty a bit and this course losses I think that just sums up the day right that ended four is the last 3-1 he’s ending his Vlog for the second time yeah the reviews be there if you go and watch them literally hit the Subscribe button like if you do I’ll see you next week uh sneakers at home bye [Music]

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