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  • nffc player value increase

    Sensational Valuations for Nottingham Forest’s Rising Stars

    Nottingham Forest received a seismic shock today as news broke of mind-boggling valuations for their cherished talents, Morgan Gibbs-White and Brennan Johnson. Whispers in the footballing realm have dared to suggest that the duo is worth an astonishing £120 million combined. This revelation arrives amidst a fierce battle to retain Johnson’s services, with Brentford’s advances…


  • forest premier league place secured 2024 arsenal match

    Nottingham Forest are Staying up!

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this article celebrating Nottingham Forest’s achievement of securing Premier League football for yet another season at the City Ground. It has been an incredible journey, culminating in a thrilling victory over Arsenal, a win that has also bestowed the Premier League title upon Manchester City. Nottingham Forest, indeed, are the…


  • forest podcast

    Nottingham forest Podcast Man Utd #nffc

    Forest podcast brought to you by Nottinghamshire live [Music] hello you read as we preview Nottingham price visit of Manchester United and look at the departure of sporting director Philip geraldi after six months of at the club and joining me to discuss that is Red’s Van Michael Temple temps good afternoon how you doing…


  • Nottingham Forest Aston Villa

    Aston Villa vs Forest – Relegation Zone #nffc

    forest podcast brought to you by Nottinghamshire live [Music] hello world Sky I’ve already read 195 so I’ve slipped into the Premier League relegation Zone after two North defeat Aston Villa making it nine games without a win and with tough fixtures to come it’s kind of like an uphill task to say in the…


  • nottingham castle panya

    Nottingham Castle Reputation Tarnished? Nope!

    Alright me duck, let’s have a chinwag about one of the most belter attractions in Nottingham – Nottingham Castle! If you’re planning a visit to our beautiful city, then you’d be barmy to miss it. Not only does it have a proper amazing history, but it’s also had a right good facelift that’ll have you…


  • forest fan tv

    Nottingham forest fan tv – Newcastle loss

    in the words of Rachel from Friends it ain’t over till someone says I do good morning good evening or good night wherever in the world you are whatever time of day you’re watching this hope you’re having a fantastic day and welcome so I don’t know what you want to call this just little…


  • wjjMEzIng jpg

    Is Nottingham a Good Place to Study?

    Nestled in the heart of England, Nottingham offers an exceptional learning environment for those seeking academic excellence. The city boasts two world-class universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, both of which have an exceptional reputation for their academic programs and research initiatives. The University of Nottingham is a globally recognized research powerhouse,…


  • doreontour nottingham forest football team vlogger

    Forest vs Tottenham video March doreontour

    foreign in the world both teams are in big trouble as you know away from is not great at all but Spurs form it’s not been great they’ve lost in the cups Chef United lost to East Milan all the space fans want County out big big game for both teams but I’ve got a…