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Is Nottingham City Council Fit to Choose Its Own Leader? Labour Steps In to Challenge.



The Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has intervened in Nottingham City Council’s leadership election, causing a stir among Nottinghamshire Live readers. This move follows David Mellen’s decision not to seek reelection after leading the council since 2019. Despite Labour’s reelection last May, the party traditionally holds annual meetings to select its leader for the upcoming year.

The NEC’s involvement in Nottingham appears at this stage to be limited to simply vetting candidates before local Labour councillors get to choose, but the national party has become more directly involved in other parts of the country. Birmingham City Council’s leadership election last May ended up with the NEC making the final call to appoint John Cotton without consulting local councillors.

A Labour spokesperson said: “The challenges facing Nottingham City Council are a result of 14 years of brutal Conservative cuts to local government. Nottingham is not alone in facing these challenges but local people have borne the cost of Tory chaos. Labour’s plans for local government will give Nottingham City Council the tools it needs to deliver for local people.”

As the Labour Party’s NEC inserts itself into Nottingham City Council’s leadership election, one can’t help but question: Is the council truly capable of selecting its own leader? This recent intervention, albeit currently limited to candidate vetting, echoes broader trends where the national party has assumed greater control over local leadership appointments. The parallels drawn with Birmingham City Council’s recent election, where the NEC ultimately made the final decision, raise concerns about the autonomy of local

Nottinghamshire Live readers have been discussing the recent intervention of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) in the selection process of the council’s new leader

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