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Lockdown Scandal Pfizer Proof




Covid-19 response may be the biggest scandal in living memory, says Fr Calvin Robinson New Nottingham UK

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why is it that every time it seems like we’re about to have a breakthrough on holding politicians to account over covid some huge political news comes along and redirects your attention this week we heard fisa executive Jay Small on record saying they never tested the Pfizer jab for transmissibility now fisa were never acquired to test the vaccine for transmissibility because there was political pressure to roll the vaccine out but governments made decisions to impose lockdown restrictions and run Public Health campaigns on the basis that the jobs would prevent covid being passed on that’s what we were led to believe some argue that studies from Israel and the UK quickly influenced the view that the vaccine helped prevent transmission following rollout but I think knee-jerk and Draconian lockdown measures were unnecessary these decisions had a huge impact on people’s livelihoods and they are still at stake due to the cost of lockdown crisis an unprecedented number of pubs are closing the High Street has been decimated and the Jabs are still being pushed Rob Rue’s MEP put a question to the Pfizer director Jay Small during a coveted Hearing in the European Parliament and her laughter and unequivocal answer sent shockwaves through the media um regarding the question around um did we know about stop and humanization before um it’s entered the market no uh these um you know we had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market if you ask me for a government to use Behavioral Science against its people should be a crime politicians are elected to represent us not to manipulate us to me the whole don’t kill Granny campaign was wicked but that was just the start Durham Cathedral implemented a vaccine passport requiring the faithful masses to provide proof of covert status before entering I believe this is counter scriptural we all know Christ sat with lepers but of course covert is nothing like leprosy yes it could be serious but for many it was like a seasonal influenza the church removed Choice from those who wished to be close to God whether they had coveted or not in my mind there is a word for people who keep others away from our Lord evil it’s Medical Apartheid dividing People based on their medical status not even their health be it healthy or infected but their vaccine status vaccine mandates for health workers for example make no sense why did hundreds of carers lose their jobs for their personal decision not to receive a vaccine at a time when we apparently needed more care workers than ever surely that’s counterproductive if the covert job wasn’t initially tested for transmissibility your personal choice would have had no impact on other people it’s down to you to weigh up the personal health benefits either way and decide for yourself whether you’d be better off taking the job or not I decided not to as a relatively young and healthy man with no common morbidities I saw that a U.S study showed that adverse reactions from the covert jab amongst young males made it more of a risk than covet itself and that there were no concerns or there were concerns rather in the United States of higher than expected rates of hot information in young men I went on to catch covet frankly I’ve had worse colds but now I have natural immunity which of course is always superior to superficial immunity without the risk of heart defects win-win why then were people being bullied and pressured into taking the Jab the Archbishop of Canterbury inappropriately moralized the jab during his Christmas message saying get vaccinated it’s how we love our neighbor loving our neighbor is what Jesus told us to do it’s Christmas do what he said in my opinion using the name of our Lord to convince people to take a medical procedure they may not want or need with the benefit of lining the pockets of big Pharma is wrong I believe we were misinformed by our public institutions our politicians media outlets and the church the covid response from locking down individuals in a free country to mandating medical procedures and attempting to implement Medical Apartheid may be the biggest scandal in living memory only time will tell.

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