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Nottingham Beer Review – Neon Raptor


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This time I’m on location at Neon Raptor in Nottingham. I’m joined by Nottingham’s favourite beertubers Wraggy (Wraggys Beers Wines Spirits Reviews) and right at the end Dave (Craft Beer Basic)
The beers we review are:
Mandarin Duck – West Coast IPA (w/ Thornbridge)
Salted Caramel Clusters – Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Milk Stout
Little Tron – Double IPA
Resist – Chocolate and Beetroot Anti-Imperial Stout (w/ Varvar)
The Sheriff – Orange and Pineapple Sour
TuckBot 2000 – Walnut, Chocolate and Vanilla Imperial Stout
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[Music] hi i’m rob from hobson thanks for joining me here live on location at the neon raptor tap room here in nottingham um first beer that i’ve got is it’s part of they’ve just done a tour of the uk um going to look loads of bars and some shops as well some bar shops and they released a range of beers and it says on the fridge over there they did a payload a ddh ipa double ipa a sour and imperial stand this is the ipa and it’s on m squared on the it says something else it’s a citra simcoe mosaic citrus and mosaic as you’d expect omnipresent so as you can see pale orange coloured ipa top end of murder for months i’d say pure white foam on top so as well sniff together the aroma full glass sir do i spill it everywhere mango it seems quite floral kind of like dandelions a bit of honey kind of waxy honey then more kind of marmalade kind of citrus peel smells good let’s dive in cheers how lovely and that’s definitely where it goes from orange marmalade it’s got a nice kind of prickle a lot of my citrus orange orange peel lemon peel some citrusy zest going on a bit of melon but then it’s kind of it’s kind of bitter it’s got a bag to it it’s lovely yeah definitely kind of mango and orange marmalade something it’s lovely anyway so that was m squared um a 7 abv 6.8 percent abv see the next one cheers now we’ve got mandarin duck a samsung adv west coast ipa hop to citra and chinook as you can see pin bright pale golden beer um perfect does white head on that so swell sniffer check out the aroma that’s lovely slightly dank and musty probably come from this you know hint of kind of celery that’s been in the fridge a little bit too long got a bit a little a bit of celery [Music] lemon and lime normally you get grapefruit dry hay kind of quality to it i keep looking i’m expecting a special guest keep your eye out you never know he’s not late he’s just he’s coming when he’s coming but yeah a little bit dank got that kind of musty it’s not i’d say for arty but i mean just like hops can be a bit not sulfur i mean though but in that kind of musty dank thing that’s nice by the way you know him when you see him don’t worry yeah it’s lovely it smells pretty authentically maybe a little bit juicier than the average um average west coast these roles may be a lot quicker oh yeah a lot of these west coasters don’t um don’t have that bitterness but this does yes lovely grapefruit lemon zest a little bit of melon knocking around the back end don’t get too sweet though in that sense yeah it’s definitely kind of the citrus style things a bit of darkness but hey i think it’s a really nice beer so it’s mandarin duck thinks this is the latest release of what’s on the board actually samsung adv west west ipa citroen chino lovely stuff see you next one cheers right as you can see a special guest is here nottingham’s favorite beer viewer dave’s not here at the moment sir did you say that i’m going to call him not your second favorite video so it’s raggedy obviously good afternoon thank you very much for joining us you’re welcome i couldn’t i couldn’t come to nottingham and not i have a baby come on so we’ve got um salted caramel clusters which is a salt caramel and peanut butter chocolate stout at 5.2 percent you can drink it all day reggie’s actually um for me that i’ll probably finish on he’s on a 12 percent imperial style at the moment as you obviously do about half past one on a sunday afternoon yes anyway so let’s have a look it’s what you’re expecting it looks good nice black paw lovely tan head on there look at that aroma yeah peanut butter yeah big peanut butter i’m getting to be a bit of viennetta yeah it’s surprising what you get from beers isn’t it and um turn it’s way for biscuits is that kind of it’s got a bit of caramel caramel and wafer biscuit [Music] i i also talk absolutely nonsense biscuit and i think it’s always going to hazel not wait for biscuit but i’m going i’m going tonix on this one not not aldi’s knockoff version yeah true tonic you don’t want man no not saying [Music] yeah but yeah you get more milk chocolate than dark chocolate yeah certainly peanut butter at the front and then the other elements uh are hidden behind the peanut butter at the moment at least yeah but obviously as it warms up changes done too shall we dive in cheers it’s lovely not too sweet it’s it doesn’t smell like it tastes yeah all the way around it’s not sweet i think it smells sweeter than it tastes there’s a lot more and the salted caramel aspect is not too in your face i’m not really a fan of salted caramel oh really okay so for me i don’t want it too salty yeah obviously the more you drink the more changes and obviously the air is getting to it now it’s just come out the keg and uh the condition in there is amazing yeah there’s something neon wrapped to do is amazing beers oh yeah so i’m probably the best i’ve seen the topping as well is that caramel it’s that burnt burnt sugar thing for me there’s that sort of thing going on [Music] long-lasting flavor it is it lingers [Music] that’s nice yeah isn’t it no no the third would be enough i think it’s that bitterness the kind of like bitterness from those the roasted malts that kind of keep it balanced but also they didn’t don’t give it too much drinkability in that sense so that is um salted caramel clusters 5.2 abv what’s that lovely stuff see you next one next one is little tron double ipa eight point two percent abv hopped with galaxy citra cryo and big secret so what we got these drum callers so let’s say bang on mercury for months top end of pace for days yeah that’s the so our it was so it was peter master of hobbits from denmark who came up with haze for days i i created him i think there’s something in america actually think i’m in joel then then from there jake jacob yeah he came up with unclear for years and then in between we needed something he came up with murky for months so that unclear if he is making mom’s pace for days pale gold strawberry goodness colors are difficult because obviously lights can do the color it’s like when i’m in the beer room i look at it and with the shiny light shining on you can change the color you pull away so you know the shades change massively i mean for me it’s like a orange or slightly orangey color isn’t it robinson’s barely barely look the scottish look to it isn’t it yeah anyway forget their armor bitter orange i’m getting first off there’s a sharp citric bite to me it’s not it’s not it’s not kind of melon and all those sweeter things i think it’s i think i get that from the interactive from for you i’ve had today i think there’s a bit more balance it’s they don’t go kind of full-on kind of silly juice i think there’s always a good balance even for a double ipa sometimes you need that because juice fast beers are dangerous exactly yeah i mean you can drink them and you don’t feel it until you start walking and you’re struggling he knows that [Music] very intense the initial oh yeah yeah yeah he really jumped out you didn’t you really write about a bit of orange zest in dries out a little bit at the end nuts you can you know and double ipas can often get a bit clean a bit bit hard work but that’s what’s this it’s not boozy but he’s got a it’s got a citric vibe which keeps coming back apricot it’s more zesty than ma when i started that was west coast screaming through no that was very much marmalade this is a bit more pithy very pithy actually which i wasn’t expecting she loved it that was me last night i was pissed off that’s your french brandy for you i think that’s really drinkable but it’s everything it’s any drinkable yeah dangerous dangerous beer but you know another credit to neon raptors some of their beers are just the raptor beers no wonder they’ve gone around the country and as a nottingham person it’s great to see nottingham breweries doing this because the amount of co-labs have been doing as they’re going around yeah you’re living the dream obviously i’ve not thought about that so like we were talking about it earlier so they’ve done a tour it’s been a week or a week and a half or some like 10 days and they’ve been going all over the country i think they’re i think they’re like the last stops even tonight that’s more than in like almost in the summertime um anyway no but i think they’re in glasgow yeah there was with overtone yesterday that’s it i thought it was just like getting the name out yeah awareness you sell a shitload of beer so you sell beer to all the clubs that are gonna so they everybody takes a keg of everything great business idea they’re not attacked and within a couple of weeks a couple of months every all these breweries they’ve got a near wrapped colab and then that’s giving them a second wave it’s a good idea well done fellas and the craft beer festival that’s coming up there are some major names coming to the club that’s the cloud is coming for turning point and obviously all the locals and uh you know it’s it’s good for business because it gets your name all the way around yeah there will be co-labs coming out of this oh yes is that little tron 8.2 abv imperial ipa lover stuff see you in the next one right the next one look at the color of this look at the color of that i feel like purple and purple and pink it’s a crazy color fantastic in it so this is um the color with vava from the ukraine and this is resist a chocolate and beetroot uh anti-imperial stout are 6.5 um all um proceeds of this beer go to the uh drinkers foreign yeah and i love the idea yeah chocolate and beef go really nicely i’m sure the wives might have chocolate beetroot cake at some point yeah aren’t you and she clearly she needs to don’t she yeah oh there you go anyway but i guess it’s the killer ideas that they’ve like borscht this the kind of um [Music] beef and is it beef and beetroot stout i mean beef and beef stew i think that’s i think that’s a big thing of it but it’s a great color it’s already stained the table i don’t know if you could see it it’s a big pink ring i’m gonna say it’s ridiculous and dave will have to get his sander out in a bit get that out but anyway aroma i’m sorry you’re gonna say it the great thing about this and what neil and raptor are doing here is that only a few months ago before that what happened in ukraine was happening varvar were over here to do a co-lab with the unwrapped yeah [Music] [Music] terrible anyway first thing i thought when i smelled this was you know coronation tina coronation um condensed milk yeah it’s it’s caramel but it’s softer than curry see i get chocolate then i get another penis on the nose well you get that from the beetroot it smells lovely it’s got a bit of white chocolate maybe the colors foreign bonkers oh it’s ridiculous it’s gonna establish a it’s gonna be like drinking a pie half a red wine there’s a sweetness to it as well my mum used to always have a bit of pickled beetroot on a salad on a saturday lunchtime taking me back to those days but yeah it smells great actually actually i am getting that just there i got the beetroot it’s not it kind of blends acidic with the chocolate really does this this recipe or some close variation this recipe has been ruined across the uk oh right some of it a bit stronger yeah i think none of it’s above 8 for an obvious reason okay so should we have it cheers cheers that’s really nice when you first came in you were like oh it’s a bit it could be a bit of an acquired taste but i think that’s really like that’s really nice though it’s aged since it’s been because obviously i came two weeks ago of a couple of members of the beer community and uh it’s it’s it’s changed a bit since then listen to it if you give me this blindfold maybe raspberry maybe strawberry yeah no but then can be quite sweet maybe a roast beans become quite sweet and it’s really nice to me having the um the clusters before the um the peanut butter one yeah i can see it’s probably quite a similar base beer probably i don’t know if it’s easy but for me maybe it would be a milk stout which is at the heart of it to bring up a little bit of sweetness but it’s not overly sweet i think everything just stands really nicely they’re like alongside alongside each other and obviously this is a beer you can get in cannes yep fridge over there yellow and blue can in the fridge and and then you know everything’s going towards um you know to barbara and back to the ukraine so you know it’s not a bad thing is it really you know the beer is tasty as well oh yeah yeah i mean you’re drinking beer and you’re open you’re helping people that’s that’s the good metaphor for a successful life you’re drinking beer and helping people how can we get that job what job it was i can get paid to do it anyway so that is uh resist um go lobby verva a 6.5 adv chocolate and beetroot stout lovely stuff see you next one cheers right next one we’ve got is the sheriff it’s a orange and pineapple sauer 5.5 abv if you if you assured me i’d have thought that was new england ipa yeah that’s crazy and then i’ll build it differently oh it’s the same doesn’t it but um i just had a little whiff of that from it from here but oh but i mean color wise i mean top end of murky for months looks like uh it’s like mango puree not far off really a pale a pale orange taster taste a pot of paint and say that i can say that now maybe not say that later sister potter paint yeah i’ve said it five times later but aroma wise oh it’s i had it two weeks ago and it’s the orange it’s your first and then the pineapple slips in the back door which in the wrong place sounds wrong but um just it’s kind of like delicate botanicals in that way but then it’s quite punchy and i get a lot of lime zest loads of kind of orange marmalade it’s loads of zest and peel it smells like it smells like freshly made kind of marmalade but it’s a weird kind of [Music] a vibrant stew it’s really it’s got a fresh a super kind of like vitality to it for me so it smells amazing it smells really oddly it’s a strange thing to say but it smells really refreshing i don’t know smell can be refreshing but i had this super week and uh reviewed it reviewed it over there because i was trying to keep away from the music and i i hadn’t got the balls at the time to actually do a review inside the place now’s your time yeah and i put it down as one of my beers of the year so far wow you heard it here in fact there’s two beers of the year from this place he’s he’s not biased that’s a it’s a nottingham brewery never no i mean what the the sour of last year was from here all right whatever the name of it but um you’ve got a stunning sour chili devin i love that nose oh it is a really it reminds me of remember you could get glass bottles of oregano you had you had to tip it to get everything back in suspension it’s a it’s got that just as it happens raggy’s bathed in sunlight and it is it’s it’s it’s lovely kind of um seville orange kind of [Music] pithy bitter kind of like it’s just slightly sharper is a true taste of summer i mean absolutely that orange and pineapple different combinations of fruit but wow it works i’m going brit vic or orangina for me oh it’s it’s super tasty it’s so funny our situation because is it sour is it is it more tart is it just i don’t know me this is where sours open up the doors yeah people because if you like a fruit like if you like orange yeah and you don’t mind the taste of you’re gonna absolutely love this yeah yeah i know i think it’s yeah as we commented earlier there were a group in here earlier and they walked away with living some like glasses with beer and oh that’s not one but if you if you thought there’s people who might not be into being this i think anybody can enjoy that yeah i think it’s a good introduction into the world of craft beer absolutely it’s caulker yes so that is the sheriff a 5.5 absolutely pineapple and orange sour lovely stuff absolute coffee maybe nearly a beer review from the manager anyway see you next time cheers you’re missing out yeah if you want some shoddily made really badly made trolltastic yeah [Music] yeah i mean you really should subscribe because it’s dying to death as if no one’s watching that’s why it’s always so cool no one cares but yeah but as the bastion of kind of integrity and professionalism dave’s not going to drink he’s he’s working but he’s but he’s had a strict beer a number of times he gives a sniff he can give us a bit of appearance but he’s not going to actually drink it so he’s very professional exactly so as it is um tuckbot 2000 part of the raptor what they’ve been doing the last uh week or so um so it’s warm and chocolate and vanilla imperial stowawatt 12cm as you would expect adjunct heavy um high abv imperial saturn neoraptor so they’re in the glass that’s what you expect it’s it’s a it’s a shiny kind of eight ball of a beer isn’t it yeah yeah it couldn’t look better yeah it’s the business a nice kind of like caramel kind of top to it i’d say like walnut almost like you have walnut furniture sort of uh sort of shade on there which works out quite well it’s poetry yeah well i mean that’s not the sort of stuff you’d expect to hear from me maybe i’m bringing it out of you it is turning away from yeah yeah yeah exactly yeah so rag exactly we’ve got quite a different experience because that mine’s a fresh ball rag he’s had this since he got it yes so he’s will be he’s been drinking for a while it changes so i’ll be really curious about it so if you get the aroma off both oh no next level show this so you’re getting pressed from the keg right so we’re back we’re now space on the old memory card as we were saying we just have a good we’re just about to have a drink of the old top box so raggy cheers so dave while we’re drinking you can give us your well-rounded expert appraisal yeah to be fair a lot of people have said it’s their favorite neon raptor imperial style really that they’ve had um i think it’s great it’s not my favorite um i find it very it’s phenomenally easy drinking i think at a colder temperature because i i am i want to be a straight from the fridge yeah i’m a cold beer person regardless of the style i’ll appreciate that like warmed up stuff but for me cold all the way that i could drink i’d like to say i could drink very many but realistically i’d probably drink three um it has been really well received but um yeah it’s just a it’s just a great all-around um elected agent blade and imperial style um when i think of neon raptors imperial styles i think big sweet yeah madness yeah um and i think this is quite balanced actually yeah well i i think our best imperial style we’ve done and a lot of people agree is the birthday one there’s so it’s okay open the door get on the floor i think it’s cool oh yeah yeah on the floor and that was because it was it was chocolate and coffee and it wasn’t sweet it was a nice almost it was a grown-up imperial scout yeah i guess neo-raptor i guess the the beer when i think in the interrupt i think it’s sentimental central army yeah yeah understandable yeah yeah it’s a beast it is yeah yeah it’s sweet as [ __ ] it is it is great and it is i remember when the center army came up long before i started working here really yeah way before i was here so that was the 100th bit so all right that was put to a public vote as to what was um so i don’t know why anyone ever put zenith into a public vote when it comes to making a specific guile of a beer because everyone’s always going to vote for uh chocolate and toffee and people stout it’s always that so yeah and it was chocolate peanut butter toffee imperial snap that the public wanted yeah and uh so yeah if anything we shouldn’t take any credit center for because it was what the public wanted oh right yeah so as fast flavors go from the cup cooler i’ll say i think i get them i think i get the slightly woodiness that you get from and they’re on the top of walnut whips as well aren’t they so that’s the best yeah yeah [Laughter] i don’t know where you can go from there anyway so i’m gonna i’m yeah definitely walmart maybe a hint of licorice um there is a touch of liquid yeah it’s balanced it’s really balanced obviously on the warmer side of things the bourbon-esque um is coming out as well woody bourbon you know it doesn’t say it’s there but it can certainly taste it whether that was slightly tanning it’s like tannins well i assume presumably shane and rob were probably drunk while they were making it and probably dropped their bottle makers mark in there and again it’s another beer that when i reviewed it the other week and i reviewed it chilled straight and again another potential beer of the year yeah that’s two that’s absolutely stunned me from the unwrapping worth of coming down yeah absolutely yeah and it’s also worth subscribing to the craft beer basic on uh if you didn’t know these guys already you should you should do but if not you should definitely subscribe he needs to get over 500 and up to a thousand yeah yeah yeah you’re probably promising something you’re not going to deliver on a4500 i have already got the prizes for my 500 really yeah yeah and if the was it the 200 where i gave away some big imperial stouts this one it’s it’s what there’s am i doing my own subscribers yeah yeah yeah well if you’re already in you’ll already get oh you’re already in yeah that’s the important thing yeah let’s just say there’s still a can of uh bourbon barrel aged centaur army in my stash that will be in the thingy i’ve actually got three cans of it left and it’s easier than breaking into your house yeah yeah well what i can do if you want is the next time you guys are down i’ll just bring one of my spare cans and we can do all three of it drink it that might be yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah if that’s insane one of my favorite breweries in the country had to be joined by um nottingham’s favorite beer beer reviewers oh reviewers the excellent anyway thanks for joining me joining us for this see you next time cheers

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