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Nottingham City Council Inspiring Videos #ncc



Inspiring, to say the least.

In a world where, in my-humble-opinion, most ‘media campaign types and marketing magnates; gravitate towards the ‘corny-but-edgy’ design briefs, often cRaSs, ‘begging’ association with any subculture or fad of the moment, yet,

This production, it’s music and more importantly the words that are chosen, to my ears, grant a wise and humble tone, delivered with optimistic frankness to be heard by all of the new generations.

We will learn life skills along our travels, whilst pursuing the most jovial or even fanciful endeavours. We can all think of a terribly difficult job or situation, we have grown stronger from or simply more aware as a result of its course. Literally through a lack of direction, people find their way.

Simultaneously we can recall benign scenarios in which we gleaned the rarest and purest of experiences, not to be seen, or consumed, but to be felt as your perspectives changed. (sometimes with our ambitions)

These videos by Nottingham City Council / Tennis Centre were truly a pausing moment whilst trawling the internet for something worth a minute.

The way the individuals’ words’ laid out the uncertainty of our actions in the immediate moments, the committed nature of an honest but naive childhood dream, either tirelessly realized or clashing, compromised amidst the facts of life. All part of the trip. Maybe just mine .. hehe. please comment on your views!

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