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#Nottingham Forest Must Beat Preston Preview


WHY NOTTINGHAM FOREST MUST BEAT PRESTON NORTH END! | MATCH PREVIEW In today’s video, I will be previewing Forest’s away trip to Preston North End. Ryan Lowe’s men sit 12th following their loss to Reading but are only 5 points from the playoffs, so will surely give the reds a tough match. Forest have Brice Samba suspended but haven’t played in nearly 2 weeks following the Bournemouth match being suspended last Friday, so come into this match the fresher side! PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO LIKE THE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL IF YOU ENJOYED THIS! Follow Max Goodwin on SOCIAL MEDIA ——————————————————-

[Music] hello everybody lot my name is max welcome back to my youtube channel and yet another non-m forest match preview in today’s video we are going to be previewing our away match against preston north end on today the 22nd of february away from home it’s gonna be a tough fixture we’re gonna be getting into the stats we’re gonna be getting into the key place for preston and how forrest can get the maximum three points and do the double over preston this season before we do that i wanted to just touch on the bournemouth game obviously it didn’t happen in the end uh due to uh the weather apparently damage done to the vitality stadium i think it’s very suspicious i i’ve seen a lot of stuff on twitter about about players bournemouth of havout at the moment i certainly don’t want to say there’s a conspiracy or anything like that but it definitely feels like it just it was so last minute and it was it just didn’t look very good on the club we’ll put it that way um obviously i’m good for the fans who made the the trip down to bournemouth i know a lot of them took days or half days off work which you know in this current environment isn’t ideal to be taking time off work and losing out on money and obviously uh it’s it’s a long trip you know not into knotting him to bomb if i’ve done similar trips to that in the past you know from my point of view as he has at least a seven eight hour round trip and people who took tough work obviously to have to travel down if they drove down that’s eight hours worth of petrol i do hope the club do some form of reimbursement to them uh maybe even you know discounts their next set tickets or give them a partial refund just just something like that because the amount of fans we send down there and it’s just so disappointing in the end that they didn’t get not just see the match but it was cancelled so late and it all made that pretty hefty journey down to the south coast obviously this is a reaction sort of video so let me know your reaction to it down in the comments down section below i really want to know what you guys think about this for me i think it’s really suspicious and i also think it’s really uh crappy of the club to have bournemouth to have done this uh so late in the day it just it was so unnecessary with the amount of traveling that they knew the fans had to do to get down to the south coast but again let me know in the comment section down below and we’ll see if we can spark some conversation about it and that lack of game time has seen forest dropped down to ninth in the championship table although of course now with a couple of games in hand and a win would very much bring us back up into contention for the playoffs with i would say about seven or eight teams within five points of each other in the sort of sixth to solve twelve thirteenth space uh positions including our opponents today preston north end preston will be kicking this game off at the time recording at least in but are only five points off of sixth place in the playoffs and they’re coming to this in a decent run of form having only lost once in their last five games their last game against redding before we dive into the tactics let’s take a look and see what’s going on with preston so far this season following a pretty respectable 30th place mid-table finish last season preston are looking to push on after a real set of consistent finishes in the championship including a seventh place finish on alex neal since they returned to the league in 2015. in december they sacked their manager frankie mcavoy following a loss to blackburn with ryan lowe the former plymouth and bury manager replacing him who’s only lost two games in fairness since being appointed by the club back in december they did however lose the reverse fixture of this game three nil at the city grounds for us and did lose their last out in 3-2 to reading which shows that there could be an opportunity here for forest to pick up some away points so without the way let’s talk a little bit about what preston are like this season how that season is currently going compared to nottingham forest they are currently 17th in the league for both goals for and goals against having scored 37 and conceded 38 which isn’t ideal and it’s quite surprising that a team currently sitting in 12 and in actually quite a healthy position to sort of press towards the playoffs isn’t doing that well in front of goal all that well defending their own goal and this is further exemplified they are the first team we’ve covered on this channel who are actually a shot negative team they take less shots than they can see taking 10.4 per 90 and conceding 11.8 with a swing of negative 1.4 quite a large deficit especially again for a team who are pressing towards the playoffs and actually having quite a decent season their top goal score at the moment is emil reese jacobson i think i’ve said that right reese jacobson with 12 goals in the league and i think 16 in all competitions uh despite only taking 2.1 shots per 90 which is pretty similar to lewis grabbing he is very much more of a poacher and a target man than an absolute shot monster and his finishing has been pretty good at stages this season for preston however according to who scored who i gather most of my stats and data from their best player according to them this season has been ben whiteman in the midfield with a seven flat rating he has four goals and four assists in the league combining four tackles and interceptions per 90 with 1.3 chances created at 1.5 shots per 90 with his teammates with around 75 percent of these shots coming from outside the box suggesting that he’s a real threat from distance so the forest really probably needs to be covering they are neither a defensively solid team nor are they particularly prolific which is a really strange combination for a team in such a reasonably healthy position in the league at the moment despite this they definitely turn up for the big games having wins over middlesbrough west brom and bournemouth in the league this season three real strong playoff contending teams at the moment so we’ve discussed the fortunes of preston so far this season let’s talk a little bit about what to expect from them on the pitch and also how forrest can counteract this to get the maximum three points on their travels to preston well preston manager ryan lowe is young but actually a quite an experienced coach and in his young coaching career has experienced two promotions from league two to league one with bury and plymouth girl respectively the latter he set up pretty well this season to have a good push towards the playoffs in league one they seem to shape up in a three at the back kind of system correct me if i’m wrong preston fans i’ve been wrong before uh including liverpool lonely except vandenberg who has had a really solid start uh to his career in england having a really good loan spell out with preston at the moment with technical ability really useful for build up particularly down that ball dominant side for preston and in the wide areas as he completes the third most passes in the preston squad per 90. usually it seems as if two midfielders will then sit in front of the back three with the aforementioned ben whiteman sitting in front of the defense and acting in part of that double pivot where one anchors and one pushes forward to aid the attack which seems to be where weiman really flourishes he’s a pretty solid defender and his box-to-box abilities for preston have been come pretty under the radar for them this season they seem pretty flexible in playing a front three and a front two with a number 10 sitting behind them reese jacobson seems to be the main consistent in that front line although other fords have really dovetailed pretty well with him uh including sean mcguire a really good example of a very quick ford whose ability to stretch defenses helps to create space for his strike partner reese jacobson width is provided then by the four backs who are definitely able to push high and wide when necessary get balls into the box for one of the more aerially dominant teams in the championship at the moment particularly down the left-hand side where preston are probably at their best with around 42 of their touches coming down this area that being said preston are not the best at holding on to possession at the average around 48 possession in their matches which ranks them sort of in the bottom third of teams in the championship this season with only a 71 pass accuracy that being said their style is very much uh able to be seen in their stats very much identifiable in their stats they were the fifth most aerial duels in the championship of this season and also play the fifth most long balls in the championship this season again fifth for the most accurate long balls uh in the league this suggests to me that they are team very much adept playing on the counter attack with a certain degree of verticality getting the ball from their box out towards their forwards as quickly as possible their aerial abilities also translated pretty well in their ability to get goals from set pieces with 13 of their 37 goals they’ve seen having come from set plays around 33 of the goals that they’ve scored showing that they’re not just an aerially dominant team but also can play for set pieces and win knock downs and play for second balls and all that good stuff that a good physical dominant team can do so we come into our final section where we talk about how forrest can actually deal with the threat posed by preston north an extremely aerial dominant team who can also play through the lines when they need to but are probably one of the biggest physical teams in the league at the moment defensively this is definitely going to be a big test for the reds aerially forest can be exposed quite often particularly down the right with joe worrell therefore it’ll be very important for us to play a more physical starting 11 who are able to defend set pieces which i’m sure preston will be playing for that being said we do actually have the second best defensive record from set pieces in the championship this season which suggests to me we shouldn’t struggle too too much with them from their set pieces with players like reese jacobson up front it really could go either way and with them being quite a strong tall physical team it could see a few set pieces go their way from my perspective and again i’m not seeing a lot of preston this season so i apologize if i’m getting things wrong if i’m sort of stepping out of line here they seem like the kind of team that like to park in front of their own box defend deep real heroic sort of horrible defending and then knock it along towards their strikers who are physically dominant enough to hold the ball up and win those headers and those knock downs and get the second balls out into their more agile and creative players to create chances from wide positions getting the ball into the box and of course we know reese jackson does about he’s one of the biggest strikers in the league one of the top goal scorers in the league at the moment as well and his ability to win headers and finish from sort of crossing opportunities is almost unrivaled in the league at the moment he’s one of the best at doing that at the moment i think it’s gonna be really important for us to play players who are adept at playing in possession whilst we’ve probably done our best work on the counter attack this season we’re definitely not against playing possession based football and the fact that we’ve been coached by steve cooper to play out from the back will definitely go in our way in that metric that being said i think keenan davis will be important to the team despite the fact he’s very much a physical striker he’s technically one of the more underrated members of our squad his ability to flick the ball on and into play with himself and the wide players and the midfielders to sort of progress up the field is pretty useful for us it’s the same sort of thing robin does for us and i think he’s done very well at deputizing that with our captain now injured it’s also gonna be very important to get the ball out into the wide areas i think the fact that they’re playing three in the back could leave us with a little bit of a space behind their wing backs particularly when maybe they’re caught on a rare attack we can catch them in transition i think brennan johnson will show again his talents in this squad his ability i think to get the ball down to the byline and cut the ball back will be quite important for us i think if preston are trying to play nice and deep it’s going to require us to play through the lines play one twos play interchanging football i think it’s gonna be important for johnson to try and get that ball to the byline and cut it back for while really high quality opportunities when he does that i’d also like to see zinkenagal start first i think in possession he’s one of our more tidy players i think again his ability to stitch together one twos and interchanging football and his ability to rotate side to side with johnson could just help us in possession i think sometimes we suit more dynamic players on the left when we’re playing more counter-attacking for someone like philip zinkanagle who can drop in the lines he’s experienced to playing in a more central position as well will be very important in stitching together consistent and sustained attacking periods and the final thing i wanted to touch on is i hope the max low starts on the left jack callback has started a left back during periods this season particularly in games where jed spencer’s gonna be bombing forward and we need someone a bit more reserved on the left hand side i’d quite like to see maxlow take up that position i think he offers a little bit more going forward than jack colback does he’s a little bit more dynamic a little bit better at driving the ball forward i think against the team were probably gonna sit quite deep in this game it’s gonna be quite important to have a player like that on the left-hand side especially with zinc and only drifting inside to do zinc and oval things so what do i actually think is gonna happen in this game i think personally this game is gonna end up being a pretty solid two-nil win for forrest whilst preston are in a decent run of form at the moment are actually a pretty decent side in their own right who are pushing towards the playoffs of course i mentioned earlier only five points off sixth place i do think we possess a little bit more quality in the final third than them and a little bit more quality defensively in the midfield it could go either way i think they’ve got some really talented midfielders i do really like ben wyman and upfront i really do like reese jacobson that being said though i think if you were to do a one to 11 of players from preston and forest i wouldn’t imagine too many of their players would get into our starting eleven at the moment maybe whiteman maybe vandenberg other than that i’m not really too sure i just think positionally i think we outrank them almost everywhere on the pitch so yeah a solid two nil win i think a clean sheet would be really nice away from home it would do all the world of good for ethan hovaf of course with bryce samba still suspended following that red card against stoke i think he’ll do the american all the world of good picking up a clean sheet away from home and one of the toughest teams away from home in the championship this season whilst they aren’t the best going forward and whilst they aren’t the best defending their own goal set pieces are exactly where preston thrive and it’s going to be absolutely crucial for us to nail our set piece coaching to nail our positioning and where we’re going to be starting and lining up from set pieces and also important for ethan hov to have the confidence to come and claim crosses and come and punch the ball when he needs to because sometimes that’s something bryce samba isn’t the best at he over commits or he’ll be a bit too extravagant with his clearances i think a solid dependable performance from ethan hov is exactly what we need between the stakes today but let me know what you think where do you think this game is gonna end up being between forrest and preston do you think we’re gonna pick up the three points and head towards the playoffs and maybe even finish the day in a playoff position or do you think preston are gonna upset us and continue their race towards the playoff and what is turning out to be one of the more exciting ends of the season i can remember in a very long time there are generally six seven eight teams who are within contention of finishing in the playoffs this season of course the answers to those as always should go down in the comments section below if you did enjoy this video as well don’t forget to drop a like on this and drop a subscribe as well whilst you are down there my social media is also our max dj goodwin for both twitter and instagram if you want to follow me there i usually give my thoughts on matches and those places and also it’s the best place to find out when new videos are going live with that being said thank you so much for watching hope you enjoy the game tonight enjoy the rest of your week i will catch you later

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