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Nottingham Forest vs Brentford Match


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#nottinghamforest #football #brentford #nffc #sport I got in some really really good positions um to attack and threaten brentford’s box and I don’t think we did you know and and I didn’t think we did against man City’s second half

#nottinghamforest #football #brentford #nffc #sport

Steve I guess in the circumstances are points decent in the end I think in the end I think we will take it and accept it I think there’s probably phases the game to talk through I thought we started the game well played with good control and good positioning and and as a consequence I got in some really really good positions um to attack and threaten brentford’s box and I don’t think we did you know and and I didn’t think we did against man City’s second half and I didn’t think we did in the in the first and last 30 minutes against Burnley as well so it’s just something that we we’re evolve into um we stayed at the same Pace we played with you know less um we played with the same Rhythm and we needed to to change the pace a little bit and um we didn’t manage to do that um the game sort of settled um half time it was a real a challenge the players to to to do more in the final third because we were getting there quite comfortably Midfield players were connecting well we were getting around in some good positions in between Between the Lions we’re getting Callum and Anthony and play in positions where they could really threaten their fullbacks and you know hickey got a yellow car really early on and I felt that was a real opportunity to to go after him and um um and we didn’t quite do that and uh obviously we I didn’t love the start the second half in any way shape or form couldn’t get the ball could you well we kept giving her away and concentration were making mistakes and it ended up rubbing in rubbing off causing the um the red card and the um and the goal then it’s a different game you down to 10 men you wandered down the thing that we showed the spirit the heart the togetherness with the supporters that we did to get back in the game and then see it through it ends up being a much better point for us than Brentford and um we have to take it but I know I’ll also so reflect tonight knowing that we’re playing some good football we’re getting to some really good areas but we’re gonna make a difference what about your team today obviously there’s a big talking point in leaving Morgan Gibbs white out um just to rest him maybe yeah yeah I mean he’s um everyone knows everyone loves Morgan but nobody more than me um we felt that um you know his play he’s had no break he’s played all the way through the summer with the under-21s he’s um he’s catching up if you like with with everything and we now have a squad that we can change from time to time in certain positions and that’s all it was but it was only a matter of time before he came on um so you know there’s no no problem with you know commitment was there you know when you see him tracking back and making last night tackles yeah yeah and then he’s back on the set pieces and he’s back to being on number 10 you know so um so no problem I think it’s a um okay you want Morgan and the team of course you do but to think that you can rest him give him a breather the last thing he was is dropped um give him a breather because we couldn’t got some other players that can you know make a difference in a game and um keep them fresh for for next week’s training now on preparation for Palace I think is a positive thing yeah all good teams have a squad that they can rotate don’t they um just a quick word as well uh Steve I know you’ve got other commitments one quick word about Murillo debut today and uh and acquitted himself well didn’t he maybe a nervy star yeah and that’s fine he’s a really young player and and um you know to play center-back um is is hard in in the Premier League and there were some things that he did really really well and other things we know we will do better but he didn’t quite get right you know it was an unbelievable password of the ball and he showed that day in the outward training however today would have gone he’s going to be better for it because that’s what the Premier League is I believe he had a really important block on on the goal line um so he’ll feel good about himself for that and like I said we continue to build with these young new players now and everyone knows that we’re trying to to become a team again and to to have a certain identity and a way and um we’ve got to go through The Balancing Act of integrating the right plays in the right positions connecting everybody up together getting some momentum in our game but at the same time pick enough enough points to um to keep to keep progressing because that is the bill and end also you know you you know with a different team if you like the brand foot in terms of the players that they’ve had here and how they recruit and all that sort of stuff um we’re different to that but but we’re doing it our way and it’s going to take a bit of time to really get to what I want it to be um but we’ll try and um commit to the process and let’s say show the heart and soul we did today play some football like we did but even better particularly in the final third and we’ll make progress

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