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Nottingham Hotel Audit Vlog Migrants Story


Nottingham Hotel Audit Brittannia Migrant Crisis
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welcome back to the channel guys with today at the Britannia Hotel where there’s your migrants coming out already they’re living here yeah I’m watching you so yeah the migrants they live in here they’re still here so we’ll go and have a look shall we foreign [Applause] [Music] guys yeah I’m ready all right Lads you’re right yeah not too bad how are you not too bad you migrants yes I’d do a YouTube channel um and what I’m doing is going around to all the migrant hotels trying to find stories out of how you got here and that uh so if you don’t mind me asking how long have you been here yes and they’re still not processed you through the immigration [Music] it’s ridiculous and it how long they’re making you wait yes right now on the hope you’re waiting for the interview what country are you from so I’m from Iran you you run yeah so how did you get here did you come across on boat or lorrys or how did you get to England big boat boat five zero people in a boat oh my God some children some woman some old woman some old man you know so what we’re we’re struggling to um what we’re struggling with in the UK is that um you will come here right um to get a better life but what we’re seeing and what I’m seeing in all these hotel is only young men yes so where are the old men gone to and the women and children yeah South let’s say in you know well in the hotel yeah and then another my people is to be [Music] for example in the 100 percent 18 19 percent old woman old man is there in there and then we just young people going out so do you find that the older people again house before the younger yeah so they try and find houses for the older people before he sells that’s why there’s so many young people in the hotels right right I’m asking about it to immigration and then say to me too many people inside this year is coming to UK for the refugee and then you just need a debate so busy immigration they can’t cope they can’t cope but the problem is it’s costing us the taxpayer 150 pound per person per night to stay in a hotel yeah well we out of our earnings you know the the money that we pay the government then they they pay these hotels um yeah so um let’s just go over here she can’t say it then can’t you um uh no no no no I I go around to all these places I do YouTube documentations on you know uh how you get here while you get here why is it taking the government so long to find out what’s happening with you why is it costing us so much money uh since the war in uh with Russia and Ukraine um yeah so um now um electric prices and gas prices have gone so I we can’t afford it food prices have gone up everything but we’re paying 6.9 million pound a day yeah to house you in hotels for the day just per day 6.9 million yeah and then to be honest sir to be honest I’m not racist I’m not never ever racist inside of my life just is it make a question sorry about language English more language no I can understand you perfect thank you every single time when people from England inside the UK can’t pay for example for energy for everything and then why government supported exactly and also if it’s government good first time needed supported people yeah people people from the UK so what we’re having problems with with all this is that our veterans so our ex-military people are having to sleep in the streets are homeless are in sleep in the streets the government have kicked people out of hotels that were housed in homeless to put you in so this is why people get so fed up and frustrated with it and is that you’re right doc all right so it it uh it frustrates us that um you know we can’t afford to pay our bills and our old people can’t afford to heat their house they can’t afford to eat and they’re dying yeah um so it’s nothing you will get some people that are against you um but you need to find the bigger picture out and why we I blame personally the government so you’ve been here for two and a half years do you say why haven’t they dealt with you before you know why haven’t they dealt with you before so are you got Security in the hotel they’re called Circo right and the the company lit room then oh the biggest uh company in the UK that do government contracts and do all this and the sites that I go to where you can’t get to speak to people I can yeah yeah I can get in I mean you you look at that you know so I can get in I’ll take a drone up and take a drone around and have a look around there’s not one place I’ve been able to get into yet but I do more interviews to try and find out what are the root problems are and how we can force our government to um to sorry uh Force our government to um do something about it and change it you know and make it easier for you I mean you’ve been here for two and a half years um I believe that the government should find you jobs to support yourself if they’re going to keep you here uh and because two and a half years you’re just wasting your life the job center just I’m sad my language is all right I can’t work in can you some find a job for me I don’t need that benefit and then just say to me no you need to go they’re not allowed not now you need to go College I just said when I’m working you know I can’t make a money book for myself why I need that waiting three 13 days one month for the just 300 benefit I don’t need that benefit I want to walk in and then just saying do you get benefits yeah yeah um when you came here what did the government give you did they give you clothing uh mobile phones that gave you everything good how much 300 pound to give you a month and then my friend said to me just give you the eight pound for the week [ __ ] to be honest he’s mad I really don’t know what is this thinking government about it just crazy absolutely crazy but you see when we go to places like this the security come out and try and stop us from talking to you but the the people need to know because if the people know we can force the government into doing something about it you know and it’s absolutely ridiculous you know absolutely crazy nice to see you sir Andrew have a nice day yeah you look after yourself thank you see you again all right thank you I’ll go and see what they have to say when I go there you’re welcome you’re welcome mate look after yourself so I’m here at the Britannia Hotel got a security guard here sat on his backside playing with his phone

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