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HIGHLIGHTS: The Nottingham Panthers vs Sheffield Steelers | Premier Sports Elite League | 26/02/22

[Music] welcome along to panthers tv live all players out on the ice it’s premiere sports elite league soccer action on your saturday night i’m james brandon alongside me dan green will take you through all of what we’re going to be seeing at the motor point arena as the nottingham panthers take on the sheffield steelers thanks for joining us wherever you are you’re a panthers fan who couldn’t get a ticket or if you’re from up the road you are well supported here as is always the case away to our left and it is once again time for panthers steelers run you through the starting sixers in this premier sports elite league game stopped by the visiting sheffield barry brust first appearance in this arena this season keaton eleby and dane todd on defense with a forward line of tana everly justin hodgman and evan mosey whilst for the panthers kevin carr in front of him aaron though and josh tetlow with ollie betridge matthew myers and edwin hedberg who is back in the lineup as kevin doming misses out this evening but first chance to see barry bruce we all know all these players by now at this point in the season but bruce is in his late 30s and has one shutout in sheffield colors and is the panthers who will try and control possession to start this tetlow though off the side turned over in the defensive end hodgman coming in off the left nice bit of move there and then he’s put it in already 20 seconds on the clock and justin hodgman has put the steelers one up elsa goes offside there and it didn’t take very long as you say sacks through danielson and tusinyana back out there the big norwegian has knocked the helmet off of touzinion throwing a couple as he’s got sacks with danielson up against the glass span back around now as tuzunyan has got a hold there of saks rude danielson’s got a couple of left and right and now tuesday with the rights going in on the steelers defenseman everybody on the feet here as tuzunyan gets in a few right hands sun sacks with danielson yeah good to see there you know twosie you had a bit of unfinished business and you know fair play to both guys there you know two tough guys no one back down now pollock again saved by karma the rebounds out latout dowd back for kevin schulz and dowd again quick passing between the sheffield power play unit here and it’s tipped in right in front martin luther has added to his tally and it’s nil too armstrong off the side panthers is able to bring it through karate so boivan through the middle here is bravan on the right hand side pass at the back door there well panthers get on the board and it was a broken play but jeremy welsh has made it one two yeah great play by welsh as well they’re kind of like the offside one time he does a great job corralling that and shooting it without waiting and a great break down by the pen you see almost like a bit of a broken player he walks onto there no chance for brust to come across to his right and jeremy welsh he scored on wednesday and you see him there just a bit late to the play and he makes a great shot there to the blocker side of brust the hand side tusino may be able to come in and win this back there massey panthers can break though inside right position bravan just about enough from mosey rebounds there saved by brust and the panthers still have it brassard strong again same position as they were last time it was armstrong that won it this time it’s welsh though round ability and saxony danielson welsh on the left towards the net force to throw decent position pass back inside and then the backhand and he’s in carrazza tips it in or is it one man i don’t really care it’s too each yeah and you know the panthers have really been coming on this last couple of minutes since that goal again they’re a little bit of a scrappy one in front of the net and like he said it’s so that it’s broke out i think it’s just going to be beau bam up off the defenseman stick over brust and into the net 2-2 [Applause] brilliant first period here at a motor point arena in front of a sellout crowd that’s a kind of a formation that they stick with so gets a higher stick from mr eberly it should take a couple of minutes but for a good minute onto this one is brassard it pops straight up in the air he’s bouncing around in front of brust and now out to this near side myers armstrong wins it he’s had a good evening so far on the face-offs 47 00:05:53,120 –> 00:05:56,560 one tom and not available there surely for polak it is it’s a virtually empty net after the rebound comes out from dowd’s shot and the steelers score on the power play wins it back for sure one timer from phillips right in front there’s now good save by car left leg yeah huge save there great shot from the point just kind of shot you know in intentionally for a rebound through the middle is brazil norrish i thought it was prasad making the break because we’ve been so used to that but his first goal of the season has come what a time to get it brady norrish yeah and it couldn’t come at a better time and remember that save kevin carr makes a huge pad save and norrish air flying through the middle and he goes low blocker such a hard spot to save for a goaltender and norris just rips up just over the pad and he shoots it fully in stride great play by him driving from the back nice goal tie game that’s enough to force him off it there and it’s back with dow down here karats are coming in on the check and doing well and we might have a bit of action down here with robert dowd and massimo karatza panthers forward giving a bit back after down the aggressor yeah i think they’re probably both going to get a matching penalty i think uh dowd made a hit on karate crota made a hit back and then it kind of came together i’m sure it’s going to be one eight you know set up in the position that we see at least once a game dowd halfway point of the penalty kill down good pass to the far side and it’s found its way an excellent pass from robert dowd and the steelers are back up 3-4 again here as the panthers start to push you might see a couple of gaps opening up like here and there it is into the back of the net and that is the record-breaking goal for robert dowd it’s 3-5 numbers here eberly right hand side mosey through the middle eberly shoots it and emily scores i don’t think he’s ever been to this arena and not put one in the back of the net three six it’s back with the number 15 now mars in front good save by brust there right on the line right down in front and then it’s going to be a shot there from john armstrong who powers one in from inside his defensive end and it’s 3-7 the horn comes and the cheers go up from those in orange as seven goals are scored wojtek polak with the game winner and a brace as the nottingham panthers score three the sheffield steelers seven thanks for joining us wherever you’ve been on this saturday evening from myself james brandon and dan green alongside me enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll catch you here on panthers tv live next time when the storm are in town [Music] you

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