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    Welcome To Shottingham Film Intro

    yo guys what if you may recognize this CEO it’s a place called Nottingham he’s too cold so you sound about this place it’s an absolute [ _ ] see you back in the day well it was about was pulling out your friends tsunami you’ll get the odd fight but it was all about…


  • nottingham vlog

    The City Of Nottingham Information 2023

    foreign [Music] cities in England Nottingham we vowed not to stop telling you about cities in England in this video this time it’s the turn of the attention-grabbing city of Nottingham we’re discussing a county town and unitary Authority area in Nottinghamshire this city in East Midlands is located 180 kilometers Northwest of London 53…


  • BzIjLiUOZU

    Nottingham Crime History Shooting

    foreign [Music] [Applause] foreign Staples had much in common though not friends they crossed paths amicably in their home City Beau shared a passion for football both were fathers of two young children and according to those close to them both were rarely without a smile on the 25th of May 2009 these two young…


  • FeTYLsc

    Nottingham Joker documentary

    i do it for the people that like a rogue or like a villain because at the end of the day that’s what i am i am a villain so i might as well be what i am and then you know what in this country the letter of the law says as long as…


  • nottingham crime history stories documentary ELEkPkPZo

    Nottingham Crime History Stories Documentary

    [Music] [Applause] on the afternoon on the 8th of november three months after the sterling murders a probe was planted inside radford police station as part of operation soul picked up a conversation between dc charles fletcher and jason groscock mr fletcher’s former boss at lymey’s closed door colin gunn was trying to find out…


  • uk drill rappers in prison for shooting sentenced rlreeqQ

    UK Drill Rappers in Prison for Shooting Sentenced

    three men have been jailed for their parts in tit-for-sat shootings in nottingham a jury heard how a shooting at a car in tennyson street in redford on the 3rd of august 2018 was reciprocated with the revenge using weeks later in all north street radford on the 21st of august thankfully while causing minor…