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Podcast Scott Gemmill, Brian Clough


‘He’d tell someone: “You’re no good, pass it to him!”‘ | Scot Gemmill on Brian Clough’s coaching

playing playing for brian clough was it it stayed with me you know the the things that i learned the simplicity the clarity of message has really almost come to the fore now that i’m coaching um as a player it was the principles and the standards like you’ve referred to and and also the other players in the team the the demand from them um because they obviously had worked with him longer and when a young player got an opportunity to go into the team there and training with the team on a day-to-day basis you know the whole package just really influenced you as a player but there was forrest at that time didn’t speak that there was no written down game model or philosophy and there wasn’t a lot of tactical preparation but there was a way of playing you know it was learned it was just learned through game related through games and literally the team sheet would go up you’d come back from training off on a friday after training you’d walk down the river train come back 12 half 12 on a friday and the team would be pinned on the boards one to 11 and you knew what position you were playing on what number strip you were wearing if you were playing if you were 7 you were playing on the right if you’re 11 you’re playing on the left and we got you the players knew how to play and that going back to my point it in my opinion the genius was in the clarity and the the the simplicity and i now that i’m coaching that’s something i’m very conscious of very aware of and the power of it so something that i’ve started to think about a lot is i obviously got to play for brian clough at the end of his managerial career and by that time he had the presence he had the success you know he he was able to influence because of who he was and the respect that his players had for him i would love to to have seen how he did it before the success you know and how how closely his management style related to that and his ability to influence players of course it’s easy to influence players when you’ve won the trophies he’d won by the time i got to work with him if he said something you listened of course you did i would love to see how his personality was and the way he influenced his teams and players at the beginning of his managerial career before he’d had that success because obviously in my opinion it’s it’s harder to do that you have to to really how do you find a way to to influence the players of course at that period of his managerial career he he possibly wasn’t working with international players that he went on to work with you know he would he would literally speak to a central defender who he’d put in the team to be physical and head the ball because that was the profile that he wanted he would literally say son you are not a good player when you’ve got the ball pass it to him because he’s a good player and everybody finds that funny of course but and his delivery his way to influence but he was getting his point across for me the biggest compliment i can give him i’m stealing it actually it was martin o’neill who i heard say it and out of all the ex players that have played for brian cluff i feel martin really captured it it was actually a tribute after he passed away after brian clifford passed away martin said that his players wanted to play for him and for me that is the the x factor you know people say what what is brian close x factor what is sir alex ferguson’s x factor i didn’t play for sox ferguson but i was lucky enough to play for for brian clough and for me that really captured it his players wanted to play for him and you know how as the manager the head coach how do you create that kind of environment and it’s through huge influence not only on the training grounds on the match day but it’s in the players life it’s in their family it’s it’s everything um and you ryan clough would influence how the young players spoke and pronounced their words and cut their hair but it was done for the right reasons he was trying to prepare them for for their whole life

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