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#Nottingham Uni Boat Race vs Thames & Leander


nottingham uni boat race vs thames  leander RvsyOGHPZE


Nottingham University Students Race in the River against Thames & leander Boat water sports

Nottingham University Boat RTace versus Thames

well next up we’ve got the visitors challenge cup the first day of the visitors here on the wednesday of henley royal regatta nottingham university versus thames rowing club and leander club and it’s the composite on your right nottingham university on your left and uh well after all of that excitement greg this is going to be interesting to see these cop intermediate cops to scores head down this track and a little bit of steering just going off there from the composite yeah quality event we’ve got in the visitors and we see a nice correction already from the crew on the right which is as we see the mixture of kit for thames and leander in front of us they’ve got themselves back onto the station got the students on the far side from nottingham university but we want to make sure they do their best to try and keep with this pace don’t let the composite crew move from now we’re at the top of the island and they hold this at half a length and can they even start to work their way back as both crews get into their rhythm now they will try to use to take them from this point about one minute in through the middle and into the tough part of the course yeah it’s gonna be a tough ask here for nottingham university they’ve had a great season as student athletes um although despite being all students have decided not to enter the prince albert the cox sports event because they wanted to stay in this coxless combination so they’ve opted here for uh the visitors that intermediate step up but it’s a very big step up from student growing isn’t it greg because these guys here you know the middle of this boat this composite here now in the center of the course two huge names uh in thomas phelps and joe wolfe in both studying at u.s universities and those big programs and you can see the distance they’ve managed to put into nottingham we can see it now how big that gap is that i thought these nottingham university students are really brave off the start going toe to toe with thames and leander club they laid it all on the line um i think a blade clash could have helped them if they could have made it a really messy dirty race um they come down the course bumping into each other but that wasn’t what was going to happen um the crew from thames that we see him here experienced thames and leander they knew how to stay out of trouble and once they settled into their rhythm as you say plenty of experience um have been able to kind of get control of this one as we’re coming towards i guess the last third of the race or so yeah just this quiet period now you can see the trees on the left hand side so no big stands no big crowds as you move through this part here so um it’s just you and the sound of your boat and that can be quite lonely if you’re trailing but like i think brave of nottingham university to go out so hard brave of them to come here in an intermediate event and stand their ground in the crew that they’ve enjoyed rowing in all season and i’m sure they’ll be really pleased with this performance but um not enough uh to overturn this wonderful composite matt christie in the bow seat well he’s the uh ex molesy boy that won the britannia challenge cup back in 2019 with them he’s now moseyed on over to thames rowing club steering this crew down the course and looking to make an impression here in the coxless event uh here at henley royal regatta yeah all four of this composite crew from thames and leander have won here at handy wall regatta as you say matt christie won the brit back in 2019 tom phelps the thames cup in 2017. joe wolfin the four league cup in 2015. and jake brown the thames cup in 2021 so yeah lots of experience as well as other good henley races gb team performances um coming through the system and now just enjoying their time in front of the enclosures and just uh a little look to the left there by christy in the bow seat just ensuring that they stay well away from those booms and piles on the bucking shear station it can be a nerve-wracking job being in that steering seat but doing an excellent job of it through the final stages through the regatta enclosure through the stewards enclosure and they’ve got the time haven’t they they’ve got the time coming up this night to let the boat run and they’ll really be enjoying this greg these are good moments you want to enjoy them when they come you know there’s tougher races ahead but on these days enjoy being in front of the stewart’s enclosure it’s just about 3 45 on the wednesday there’s a good crowd so enjoy your row the nottingham students still racing it out coming down towards the line closing that gap but as we say they’re in good control the crew from thames and leander club well the first day of racing in the visitors challenge cut will kick off well here for the composite from tam’s rowing club and leander club but uh nottingham university just a few lengths back and some good cheers there for the victorious crew in the visitors challenge cup

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