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she’s trying to help she’s give him a little nudge bumper nudging them there’s nothing there into the back new facts instead of like that guy [Music] [Music] you know Mike [Music] because Oh oh there looks like we going to smash [Music] [Music] in that light [Music] you oh my god maybe start I’m an office yeah we’re not both 50 mil [Music] honestly now there TV crew [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] in a voice [Music] Oh be doing is it editor of health policy insight and common dental health service good morning weird feeling you’re going to go straight ahead [Music] get on that they have engine the characters aren’t they [Music] [Music] all the engines at BMW that’s why [Music] helau don’t worry about it they bother indicate in bit by the checking your mirrors just pull out Paige Haram advocate is I do believe that there’s no matter it is the house for more sensible position but that is of course I did rebuttal right now okay by majority it’s what I do oh the board of the pavement on the road okay I’m gonna do that serious actually that was jumping off pavement and also customs oh and nearly popped a wheelie [Music]

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