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  • Nottingham Crime History Shooting

    Nottingham Crime History Shooting

    foreign [Music] [Applause] foreign Staples had much in common though not friends they crossed paths amicably in their home City Beau shared a passion for football both were fathers of two young children and according to those close to them both were rarely without a smile on the 25th of May 2009 these two young…


  • Nottingham Crime History Stories Documentary

    Nottingham Crime History Stories Documentary

    [Music] [Applause] on the afternoon on the 8th of november three months after the sterling murders a probe was planted inside radford police station as part of operation soul picked up a conversation between dc charles fletcher and jason groscock mr fletcher’s former boss at lymey’s closed door colin gunn was trying to find out…


  • Nottingham Crime History UK Criminals

    Nottingham Crime History UK Criminals

    [Music] tommy lau is philosopher considering that he knows he will never walk again his life was wrecked one november evening in 2001. tommy was at a house in a quiet hamlet of easton i was on the phone to his wife of just eight weeks who was preparing to make her way over to…


  • Nottingham Crime Documentary Part 4

    Nottingham Crime Documentary Part 4

    [Music] the death of lloyd robinson failed to bring any peace to nottingham and conflict, particularly between saint anne’s and radford posses and the meadows continued unabated and firearms became a regular feature in the city street previously their use had been largely confined to the occasional armed robbery crew hitting a security van the…


  • #Sneinton Tunnel #History Documentary #notts

    #Sneinton Tunnel #History Documentary #notts

    [Music] [Music] so [Music] everyone welcome to another disused railway explorer in nottingham we’re about half a mile out of the city center you’re about how many miles from where you live 86 86 miles from where this guy lives this is andrew from alw research team and you’ve come to join me to have…